Boris Nemtsov: Appeal to soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces

By Boris Nemtsov, Russian statesman
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Appeal to soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces.

At any moment you can be sent (and some have already been) to fight with Ukraine. Putin, as the Commander-in-Chief, knows well that the participation of the armed forces in fighting in eastern Ukraine is illegal. He has no mandate for war, no permission from the Federation Council to use the Armed Forces abroad. That’s why you fight without insignia and your markings on combat vehicles are painted over. That’s why he’s lying that you got lost, finding yourselves in Luhansk and Donetsk Oblasts. That is why your fellows from the 76th Airborne Division, Leonid Kichatkin and Alexander Osipov, were secretly buried in the cemetery of Pskov, and their relatives are threatened that if they tell the truth, they will be left without [financial] assistance. It is [precisely] because your involvement in the war is illegal, that you and your relatives have no rights. Putin and his Commanders would renounce you in an instant and will say, they have not sent you to war, and your relatives will never learn the truth, should something happen to you.

You gave an oath to protect the homeland from enemies and not to fight with the brotherly Orthodox people of Ukraine. War with Ukraine is a crime without an expiration date. This war plays the hand of Russia’s enemies. This is not your war. This is not our war. This is Putin’s war for power and money. It is a war of his Rotenberg accomplices-billionaires, Timchenko, Yakunin, for their enrichment.

Remember, you fight and die for them, not for Russia.

This appeal is open for signing.

Source: Boris Nemtsov FB

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3 Responses to Boris Nemtsov: Appeal to soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces

  1. Marcela says:

    Brave man. Salute to you and to Garry Kasparov. Keep alive, not many as You are in Russia. Many many are quite in different place.

  2. Hes, Brave man indeed.

  3. Lorren says:

    As the wind of war begins to blow, the wheat is separated from the chaff…

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