Semyon Semyonchenko: I understand everything now and have no illusions

By Semyon Semyonchenko, Commander, Donbas Battalion
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine 

I cannot remain silent and I am not lost. I know all about it, just like you. I understand everything now and have no illusions. What to do – is known. But the main thing at this time is to save the guys. I am the father of four boys, and I understand what the wives, mothers, fathers, of our guys who are there now, feel.

 Now I’m focusing on saving people, it’s a very difficult negotiation process. On FB there will be a short summary that is necessary for relatives. 

Everything about the battalion and the resistance movement – will be through the press service. Relatives of soldiers are to call on the given phone numbers (I increased the number of volunteers on the cell phones), so do not write in PM [private message].

Now briefly. During the night another 14 people came out. I’m not publishing their last names, they will immediately call home. Our wounded as of yesterday were not with the DNR [Donetsk People’s Republic], but are prisoners of the 137th Regiment 32nd Division of the Russian Federation [RF] and 9th tank brigade of the RF. Wounds were treated, abuse was not.

 We now employ all possible channels: both the barely-breathing-its-last,-leaky-as-a-sieve war machine, and the more efficient private [channels].

I appeal to the relatives of the soldiers – if you cannot get through, send us a text–you will be called back. If you decide to do something–call, let’s do it all together–we are stronger this way. If I can help relatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, or other units, with something, call, what we can–we will do.

All news through the Battalion’s page: 

Hold on. In history there have been periods when it was even more difficult. The main thing–do not give in to despair and panic, believe in yourself and your people. And all will be well.

Source: Semyon Semyonchenko FB


This is what the “green corridor” near Ilovaisk looks like, in which a column of Ukrainian military was shot at when they were exiting to get to the positions of the Ukrainian army. Negotiations continue. Interior Minister Arsen Avakov reported that among the men who reached the Ukrainian positions are the Battalion Commanders of Peacemaker and Dnepr-1.




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2 Responses to Semyon Semyonchenko: I understand everything now and have no illusions

  1. Great, touching piece.Thanks, Euromaidanpr, for translating and publishing.

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