Mufti Said Ismagilov on the abuse of prisoners in Donetsk: With your hatred you do more damage

By Said Ismagilov, Mufti of the Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of Ukraine “Ummah”
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

So, my friends. That whole shameful move in Donetsk with the “parade” of prisoners was calculated exactly with your reaction in mind. The aim is to stir up hatred and aversion towards Donetsk residents, so that you do not want to live with them in the same country under the same sky. Have you forgotten that we have a war in our country? This is a part of the political strategies and information warfare. Separating the territory by force of arms did not work. So a new project was initiated – let them hate each other and give up Donetsk willingly. For me it is obvious. And the more you shout and rage, the more you help them. With your hatred you do more damage than a whole column of armoured vehicles. So quickly, cut it out with the hysterics.

To be honest I expected worse from the “action” than what in fact happened. Because people in an exalted state in a crowd, after months of brainwashing, are capable of completely wild and crazy acts. But, fortunately, among the audience there were only two or three hundred “people.” That is catastrophically little for a city in which hundreds of thousands of people are still left. And if you count the citizens of nearby Makiivka and other populated areas? The fact that people did not come to this shameful enforcement of punishment, I think is the real indicator. They didn’t come for various reasons, but they did not come. And that is good. It is absolutely inappropriate to blame those Donetsk residents who are against this shame in that they did nothing against it. It is mortally dangerous. They would shoot, beat and kill [them] for real there. This is not a time for jokes. Anyone who spoke out in public would have become a part of that column. In this act I see an approaching completion of the cycle of evolution of a particular ideology. If I am not mistaken, even Hitler did not think of holding such a public “parade.” However, it may be even worse. The propaganda is not slowing down. So, when it seems that you have reached the bottom, you may still hear knocking from below.

And another thing. Any society can be “equalized” by a minimum necessary percentage of reasonable, moral people who will raise it by their example. For that to happen it is necessary that all adequate residents of Donetsk come back and become the new foundation of civil society in Donetsk. Then we will definitely destroy the plans of those who thought up this “parade.” So, no yelling that: “I cannot live with these people any longer.” Remember, this was all calculated. Tell yourself firmly: “soon we will go out and run a parade wearing embroidery and flying our flags, we will sing the hymn and give out balloons to children in our peaceful home city of Donetsk. And you will see it become reality.

Source: Said Ismagilov FB


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