Azov Battalion: Andrew Snitka, 18 years old

By Emma Mayeva, Vyshneve, Ukraine
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

He gave his life for the sake of the lives of others.

He was 18 years old.
Andrew Snitka.
He had no family, he was an orphan.
He found family in the Azov Battalion where he went into the ranks of the first volunteers.
July 20, 2014 Illovaisk.
He covered the grenade with his body to save the lives of those who were nearby …
Today he was buried.
His brothers came to say goodbye to him … his closest relatives, those whom he loved more than life …

Source: Emma Mayeva FB


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1 Response to Azov Battalion: Andrew Snitka, 18 years old

  1. Words will not help Andrew anymore, but hopefully he now finds himself surrounded by many, many family, those who have given themselves to Ukraine.

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