A Georgian in Kyiv: Ukraine isn’t like anything in the world

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 2.28.00 PMBy Bacho Korchilava
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

When I see what volunteers are doing for this country–clothing and equipping the army, feeding and providing shelter for refugees, buying with their own money (while the population is not that well off to begin with) all that is necessary for the country not to perish–I not only feel admiration for these people, but I am also shocked. I have seen a lot of things in life, both good and bad, but I have not seen anything like this anywhere in the world. Not even heard of it. I not only take my hat off to these people, I can’t even find the words with which I would express my gratitude for what they are doing today in order for this country to survive and so its society is consolidated.

You know, two wars in my country were lost because the country was bankrupt and had no financial resources.

Yet, had we had the kind of people like these here in Ukraine, we would have never lost.

To consolidate our society and begin building our country, we had to mount a military coup, lose two wars and decimate one another in a civil war. The first signs of danger from outside was all it took for Ukraine. That is why I am confident that we shall win, and namely the people who are now volunteers gathering the crumbs they can find to provide the army and refugees with the bare necessities, risking their lives trying to free prisoners and so on, together with the boys who will return from combat–are the pillars of this country.

Believe me, when Ukraine wins (and it surely will), no power in the world will be able to ignore the demands of its people, who are actually the basis of the great Victories of Great Ukraine. I will not name names, I know many such people, from respectable members of the middle class to grandmothers who have nothing and still give everything they have to help somehow. I just want to thank everyone who has spared no effort, money or time to achieve the country’s main goal for the moment, that is to win and preserve the lives of as many Ukrainians as possible.

Source: Bacho Korchilava FB

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1 Response to A Georgian in Kyiv: Ukraine isn’t like anything in the world

  1. Matti Istanmäki says:

    Be brave and fight together. Unified people can’t loose.

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