YURIY BUTUSOV: Ukraine is waging a great battle

550487_405033289536973_1393920571_nBy Yuriy Butusov, Contributing Editor, Censor.NET
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

When I arrived at the Embassy of the Netherlands today, I was approached by reporters from the Chinese television CCTV, who asked for my commentary as to why the tragedy of the MN 17 flight had caused such a great response among Ukrainians, i.e. because you have so many victims, why such a resonance? (CCTV is one of the global TV companies, they now have 10 filming crews just in Ukraine). I replied briefly, as expected on TV, and now I will try to articulate [it] more clearly:

“For eight months now, there is war for freedom and independence in Ukraine. In this war, we have hundreds of victims. But this war does not make us more brutal and callous. On the contrary–the feeling of compassion and mutual assistance bonds our nation all the stronger. I do not see anything surprising in this incredible mountain of flowers, in hundreds of toys, in this endless stream of people who keep coming to commemorate the deceased passengers of the MN17 flight. Our nation performs rather large and noticeable feats, in my opinion–Ukrainians have conducted an incredible revolution, Ukrainians went unarmed into the bullets, Ukrainians mobilized tens of thousands of volunteers into their Armed forces, Ukrainians arm and equip their army, Ukrainians are fighting for the freedom and independence of Ukraine, living in the most remote parts of the world. Every day of our struggle is a miracle, it’s an incredible canvas of heroism, patriotism, and the amazing power of the human spirit. One of the founders of Israel and its [fourth] Prime Minister Golda Meir was born on Bessarabska  Square in Kyiv. When I read her story, I remembered the phrase, with which Meir explained how it was possible to endure all the sacrifices and hardships suffered by the Jews in creating their independent state:

“To be great means to lead a great battle.”

The incredible battle now waged by Ukraine, has thrown everything superficial away. This battle makes us empathetic, strong, kind, loving, compassionate, gentle, angry, determined, wise, and daring. And everything small and mercantile just does not sit well with this greatness, with this scope and breadth. Each movement of Ukraine’s soul, connected through information threads, social networks, our every gesture, immediately resonates in actions. And therefore, don’t be surprised with these flowers–be surprised with these people. Ukraine is waging a great battle.”

Source: Yuriy Butusov FB

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1 Response to YURIY BUTUSOV: Ukraine is waging a great battle

  1. francois D says:

    monsieur yuriy butusov venez dans mon pays sur tf1 et reporter vos dires ici car c’est la chaine la plus regardée en france je pense que ca pourrait avoir un impact plus important

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