Wings Phoenix Foundation: July 15. A day in the life of Army volunteers

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

July 15. A phone call from the 80th Company, “Guys, help us out! We were deployed to fend off the A​irport, we are managing for now, but 150 of our Soldiers are in Soviet helmets, they’ll get crushed like nut shells, we already have losses.”

Those who know about the situation with helmets, will understand… To find 100 helmets in a couple of days!? But we are part of Wings Phoenix!

I call Biryukov: “Yura, I rarely ask in an ultimatum, but I urgently need to get 100 helmets for our Airborne [troops] somewhere out of the ground! And one more thing… [we] collected only half of the money…”

In response, [I get] short beeps…

In 15 minutes­–an incoming call: “Pasha, [you need to] pick up 100 helmets tomorrow at this location, I will pay the difference.” Short beeps…

I call Ihor: “Are we going? [We] need a car!”

Ihor: “What, tomorrow? I will find a car, let’s go! Don’t forget to call Zhora!”

[I] dial Zhora: “Have you not unpacked the things yet? Do not unpack [them]!”

100 Belgian Schuberth [helmets] for the kids from western Ukraine, for the 80th [Infantry] Company. [They weigh] about 250 kg [551 lbs]. But there is still room in the car. A generator, backpacks, radios, scopes, sunglasses, gloves, knives… all waiting for dispatch from our warehouse. And there is still [some] room left… It’s decided, we’ll also visit the 8th Special Forces Regiment that fights nearby. Scopes, [armor] vests, Lowa boots, night vision devices, backpacks, medications… Done, no more space! Oh, [we were] lucky to pull away! Let’s go! Slowly, for a long time, dangerously, sleepily, but in the right direction. They are waiting, they are dying there without us…

[We] arrived in time for the next Company’s rotation to the airport. Unloaded. Wow, this was a lot, 100 helmets and how expensive [they were]! But in return we get something from the commander that dismisses all the doubts–a soldier’s “bowler hat” crumpled by a fragment, the very own “eggshell without blend-a-med” [toothpaste commercial in Ukraine where the egg half brushed with blend-a-med remained intact while the untreated half lost its enamel after being soaked in vinegar]…

–And the state the soldiers are fighting for is dressing its heroes in this?

–But we are not for the state, we are [in this] for the people, for you!

–Bye, guys! [We] will come again pretty soon, your needs have been documented! Good luck in combat!

P.S. [They] did manage to retake the Airport. 🙂

Want to help?
Targeted assistance to the 3rd and 8th Separate Regiments of the Special Forces of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine [DIU] at the Ukrainian MoD:

5168 7554 0240 5506 Paul Kashchuk
4149 4950 0702 0502 Yury Biryukov

PAYPAL Account – [updated on July 22]*
Purpose: transfer to friends or relatives
Message to the recipient: ArmyUA
Other bank requisites:
Progress reports:
Consolidated financial report: (with upcoming changes)
Consolidated photo report:
Other ways to help

Reposts will help, inviting your friends to subscribe to pages, publishing this information in other social networks and online resources.
Coordinators of the 3rd and 8th Separate Regiments of the DIU:
Combat-UA Group

Source: Wings Phoenix Foundation FB 

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