Whom Is Putin Fighting Against?

By Ihor Portugalskyi
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine


“Who does Putin want to fight against? The people who were doused by a water cannon in -15 degrees Celcius [5 dF] frost, and who stripped down to their waists and shouted, “Water christening!”? The people who stood in front of bullets with wooden shields and [baseball] bats against the people in full combat ammunition and survived, drove them [the riot police] away? The people who didn’t respond to provocations and didn’t flee from the sound of gunfire and explosions?

Where does he want to establish a dictatorship? Among the people, where the society began to live by the principles of democracy even before there was the word “democracy”? To impose imperial traditions to the people who never went under a kinglet? To impose dictatorial laws on the people, who were the first in world history to adopt the first constitution (Pylyp Orlyk’s Constitution)? [Ed. Note: it was one of the first modern constitutions in Europe and established the democratic standard for the separation of powers in the government. Also known as Agreements and Constitutions of Laws and Freedoms of the Zaporizian Host, the Constitution never went into effect.]

Russians, [please] pacify your insane leader, we don’t want a war with you. This is not a war between you and us, but a war of one person for his insane ambitions, power, and fortune.”

Source: Ihor Portugalskyi FB

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