SELEZNEV: ATO in Krasnyi Lyman and Sloviansk – June 4, 2014 Update

By Vladislav Seleznev, ATO spokesperson
06.03.2014  11:20
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

The forces of the counter-terrorism operations continue to perform routine tasks aimed at the normalization of the situation in the zone of the ATO.

Yes, last night, as a result of the actions of Ukrainian troops in the area of the towns of Krasnyi Lyman and Sloviansk, more than 300 insurgent gunmen were destroyed, and about 500 wounded.

Ukrainian soldiers also suffered losses. During the intense fighting, 2 serviceman received lethal wounds, and another 45 were wounded.

The terrorists do not know compassion or conscience, and are attacking participants of the ATO insidiously, cunningly shooting at our columns in ambushes, killing our military.

The ATO forces, in clear confirmation of their position, put forward an ultimatum to the insurgents to be taken prisoner, only in the case of a refusal, are they blocking and, with resistance, destroying them.

The local population perceives the actions of ATO participants overwhelmingly positively; these are aimed at stabilizing the situation in the region, which once again highlights the futility of the insurgents’ plans.

Among other things, it is worth nothing the high level of cooperation involved between law enforcements involved in the ATO.

Source: Vladislav Seleznev FB 


06.03.2014  11:30

The actions of insurgents in the ATO zone in the towns of Sloviansk and Krasnyi Lyman once again emphasize their criminality because they are using hospitals, kindergartens, recreation and health centers to hide in as they retreat.

According to current information, gunmen wearing military uniforms, who had previously occupied the premises of the city hospital in Sloviansk with the start of the ATO forces left the territory of the medical institution. It is known that the bandits accommodated themselves there a long time, amongst other infrastructures even equipped themselves with a bomb shelter. But proactive Ukrainian soldiers rattled the mercenaries and they quickly ran out of town, trying to break out through the ring of encirclement.

The ATO command once again reminds the peaceful inhabitants of the inadmissibility of staying near the positions of gunmen, and calls on residents of the cities to stay at home. ATO forces do not fire on peaceful civilians, our goal–is the terrorists.

Source: Vladislav Seleznev FB

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6 Responses to SELEZNEV: ATO in Krasnyi Lyman and Sloviansk – June 4, 2014 Update

  1. chervonaruta says:

    Reblogged this on Euromaidan PR and commented:

    SELEZNEV: ATO in Krasnyi Lyman and Sloviansk – June 4, 2014 Update

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  3. Get them all: and quick; seal the borders, use all means to cripple their servers in Donetsk and elsewhere the Russians set up to rob banks and businesses with their Malware…the FBI and others from EU, Interpol and International Monetary Police, are now going after Russian cyber-hackers stealing millions of dollars from every account they can hack into….and their ringleader is now an international fugitive…the distraction of the separatists in killing civilians and blaming the Ukraine forces is wearing thin……the World is on to Putin’s “game” playing innocent while his operatives use of domestic terror, wide scale kidnappings, beatings ( even of priests ), and the sanctioned murder for “bounties” ( as high as 1,000 Euro a head ), of Ukrainian officials and patriotic businessmen…..goes on. Truly; there will be no peace until every last one of them is erased from the map…sorry about that….

  4. Volodya says:

    Totally agree with Chris. Sounds like finally, we are on the offensive and doing the correct things. Of course, there’s always much more to do, and the suggestion of sealing the border makes total sense! Slava Ukraiyini! Heroem Slava!

  5. hansaplast says:

    One should not forget that this is a (hidden) War between two Worldpowers over Influence/Recources.

    So Ukrainees be careful! Both are playing this Game.

  6. Damal Samal says:

    Yugoslavia is on horizon. We will see it very soon

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