Dmitry Tymchuk’s Military Blog: Summary – June 3, 2014

Dmitry Tymchuk, Coordinator, Information Resistance.

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Brothers and sisters!

information_resistance_logo_engHere’s the Summary for June 3, 2014 (for previous summary, please see Summary for June 2).

The bad news:

1. As soon as ATO forces resumed active operations, information appeared about the formation of new insurgent units in border areas of Russia, tasked with transfers to Donbas. Today a formation of convoys with terrorists and weapons was discovered in Russia’s Rostov Oblast [region].

But at the same time we see that ATO headquarters is beginning to organize interactions with the Border Control Service–at least in terms of aviation forces support. Let’s hope that these automobile convoys will immediately turn into a handful of stinking ashes while attempting to cross the state border with Ukraine.

2. In Luhansk today, the armed confrontation between the border control unit and insurgents continued.

Yesterday, we were assured that a large-scale operation by the ATO forces in Luhansk would be conducted at a very high level. But in fact, security forces have only helped from the air; even then, the use of aviation is severely limited by the fact that terrorists operate from the residential neighborhoods of the city.

We now understand the situation. Gentlemen in uniforms assure us that the transfer of units to Luhansk to help the border control servicemen is greatly complicated by the active engagement of ATO forces in Donetsk Oblast–that is, there are no free [military] reserve units.

The Defense Minister Koval provided a different version in the evening. Essentially, nobody really attacked the border control guards in Luhansk, they simply shoot at them [the border control] because they have nothing to do. Therefore, assistance in the form of aviation support is more than enough for them [the border control].

I don’t think our guys in Luhansk feel any better after these “explanations.” The overall impression is that they were simply abandoned.

3. Today, activists from Luhansk demanded to strip the Party of Regions leader Oleksandr Yefremov’s of his [people’s] deputy immunity under the walls of the Verkhovna Rada [Ukrainian Parliament]. The rally participants are convinced that Yefremov finances terrorism in Luhansk.

The fact is already well known that during a search of terrorist funding sources many ends lead to Yefremov and several other members of the Party of Regions (as well as the Communist Party). The only question is why Luhansk activists know this and law enforcement does not.

However, later the Prosecutor General’s Office did announce that it is investigating Yefremov’s involvement in “black affairs” with insurgents. But how much it will actually investigate is unclear, and the blood continues to flow in eastern Ukraine.

Speaking of financing: according to IR data, during the month of May, the amount of financial aid going to Donbas insurgents from Russia through Crimea has seriously decreased (now Putin basically helps with mercenaries and weapons). The main reason– the SBU’s [Security Service of Ukraine] successful work to block these channels.

In these circumstances, the “internal” financing channels are becoming increasingly important for terrorist groups. Since everyone understands that if there is no money–there won’t be any terrorism. This is to understand the importance of the “neutralization” of the sponsors from the PR [Party of Regions] and the CPU [Communist Party of Ukraine].


The good news:

1. The ATO continues. Donetsk, Sloviansk, Krasny Lyman–the offensive is underway on many fronts.

In Krasny Lyman, the National Guard went in fighting.

In Sloviansk, the terrorists were also out of luck. Their base near Semenivka [town in Donetsk Oblast] has been destroyed today. Trying somehow to delay the inevitable retribution, they are babbling about anything–that security forces are shooting children, that the ATO planes and helicopters are shot down in packs, and that army artillery are sweeping away residential neighborhoods and hospitals from the face of the earth.

This is panic. It’s quite natural.

2. Accordingly, attempts by little insurgent leaders to assume a good game face look pretty miserable.

Today, Russian terrorist Girkyn began to post photos of burning tanks and APCs from the Russian–Georgian conflict of 2008 and confrontations in China’s Tiananmen Square  from 1989 on social networks.

He signed, “I hasten to congratulate you, comrades! Total vengeance on the junta has begun in Donbas… ” As if to say, hurry up and come see this.

It’s a pleasure to see that the insurgents have no real facts for their victory. We recommend that next time Girkyn throw onto the social networks some screenshots defeating aliens from Hollywood’s “Independence Day,” and adding [Ukrainian Tryzub] tridents to the alien ships with Photoshop. And the sign: “The Imperial pilots of the DPR [Donetsk People’s Republic] mop up the UFO fleet of Banderites in Sloviansk.”

Although I’m sure that there are idiots in Russia who will believe even this. Moreover, there will be too many of these idiots.

3. The Head of the State Border Service [SBS], Mykola Lytvyn, announced today that the border guards have been transferred from state border protection into defense mode: the military potential of the SBS is being restored, checkpoints are being reinforced with APCs and heavy weaponry, and anti-tank trenches are being dug.

That these measures are being undertaken is very good. The only question is why this was not done in March? Why weren’t motor-maneuverable groups formed, equipped with armored vehicles, why weren’t solid antitank ditches excavated along the border in Luhansk Oblast (although they were in the neighboring Oblasts), why haven’t border guards received heavy armaments?

Why did they wait three months while Russia stuffed Donbas with their insurgents and weapons–it’s unclear.

But as of today, as reported by the SBS, the border guards have formed seven motor-maneuverable groups (by the way, it’s unclear why they did not come to the aid of their fellow servicemen in Luhansk), on the eastern border [of Ukraine] about 200 checkpoints and 400 firing emplacements are now equipped. Better late than never.

Source: Dmitry Tymchuk FB 

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