“The inspectors are afraid of us: candid, off-the-record tales of the soldiers of the ATO ”

By Wings Phoenix, Dmitry Kapustin
05.20.2014 freejournal.biz
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine


Sadly, little has changed in the army, either at the rear or in the headquarters. The same stealing, the same politicking and bribes among the generals. Below are some excerpts from the guys who are now on the front lines ():

“So they arrived. The guests of honour. Yesterday they visited our shift at the checkpoint. Walked around all pompous, with machine guns and bulletproofs. Not a single reprimand regarding our duty. And we worked normally, without any showing off. But then this morning it began.. )) What is this? Where is the morning exercise, the order of the day? The whole place is a mess! Well fine, we explained to him that we are old and sick monkeys, and that after a 12-hour shift spent on our feet it’s bad to do exercises, we can fall to pieces )))

And then they laid into the next shift, made them march on the gravel, sing the hymn and so on. So basically, they are mostly interested in the ceremony and in the “comrade sergeant, before you stands a colonel of 28 years of service, address him how you should!” )))

Later, I come up to our kitchen with a cup to make some coffee, and see–some major is pouring water from our kettle into his glass. I go “ah, some hot water”, take it after him and want to pour some for myself, then bam! This guy just turns and goes “what are you doing?” me–pouriny g water, into my cup! Him–do you not see, there are eight glasses here for the officers? Me–so what? Him–where are you from? And then I start losing it, I say–from the other side of the sea! Him–where is that? Me–just stand here and figure it out. Made my coffee and walked off.


Anyway, we went to breakfast. We come in and see two tables. The one with sliced cheese on it we were told not to sit at–turned out, it was for them. Well, Leha quickly picked up the cheese and moved it onto the other table where the guys who were just starting their shift started eating it. They ate, the shift left.

Later, one colonel stooped down to us and sat in the smoking area to talk like “well guys, any questions, any comments?” All hell broke loose! )))

To my question, who and how decided who gets the posts and why we work the same, but one guy gets 1300 while the other gets 2300, and whsomeone with experience (including life experience) and with years of service is below a 20-year old kid, he replied–“you should really shave.” When I replied that I’m fresh from the shift, he spread his arms and said that they “will look into it.” We told him it’s been two months that they have been “looking into it.” He shut up and changed the conversation to the order of the day. I realised this is pointless and left.

And then some time later an orderly came up to me and said that we need to drive to the checkpoint to help out there… well I thought, duty calls, we left ))

So basically I learned that those who ask too many questions end up later shovelling dirt from green sacks into white ones )))

Also someone has started studying job descriptions. )))

Well, that is more or less the main stuff. Plus some other trivialities. )))

And also we are expecting the commander’s visit. It’s a damn holiday over here!” ))))

“Yuri, you are around the army for two months now, you see and understand a bit. What should be done to establish the supply for the army?”

“Publicly execute the entire current service tasked with provisioning the rear, which sits on Dehtiarivska [Street in Kyiv, site of State Customs Service of Ukraine].”

“Yuri, I am a correspondent of a European journal, I can’t write that, it’s inhumane!”

“Yeah? Well then, execute every second one.”

From unpublished material…

Do you know what interests inspecting generals? They are interested in where in a field camp the area for cleaning shoes is.

Do you know that they now pay bribes to carry out inspections into the zone of the ATO so that they get the status of “participant in combat?”

Do you know that they are scared to come to these inspections without their own security escort, because they know–the checkpoints are manned by hungry, angry guys, who have not received normal pay or clothing allowances, but have received firearms?

They should all be shot! They are animals who don’t deserve even an ounce of sympathy!

Friends, I have a big request! Stop writing to me about the money sent to the Ukrainian military via the number 565 [5 hryvnia donations to the army via text messaging]. Stop writing about it in your comments, in your messages. Do not even worry, they will use up those 122 million, and will not steal or overcharge a penny. Why would they be fooling around with millions when they are stealing billions? Your money from 565 will be used up. Why are you all so worried about this money–what, there is no state budget? No billions earmarked for the armed forces? Or do you hope that with our 122 mil we can cover the needs of the whole army?

Hot off the press: all Friday they screwed my brain with links to the effect that the Ministry of Defence plans to buy 22,000 bulletproof vests, and that I need to stop my work. Don’t make me laugh! The motherfuckers from the Ministry of Defence will buy 22,000 bulletproofs? Have these assholes figured out a way to put down an advance payment?

Aha… that’s just it. The plant cannot work without advance payment, and the Ministry cannot provide advance payment. Fun, huh?

They lie to us, brazenly, happily, while looking us in the eyes. And do you know what is most disgusting and horrible? They are sincere! When yet another moron with big stars on his jacket starts talking about how transparently they will spend billions, that they will receive the bulletproofs [flak jackets] by June already–he says this completely sincerely. He does not even think the fact that today Ukraine has NO fabric for sewing 22,000 cases. That Kevlar must be ordered in advance. And that everywhere demands prepayment. He DOES NOT KNOW, because they did not report this to him! And he has nothing to think with anyway, he did not get to where he is because of his brilliant mind. He bought his epaulettes.

They are all “Dumb and Dumber” there – ALL OF THEM! The whole system is like that!

One schmuk tried to line me up and lecture me (!) because I did not run and report on the number of delivered bulletproofs. –What, you drove bulletproofs to the army? To effing whom! Why didn’t you effing report! Tomorrow I effing demand you to effing turn up here with an effing report! And the worst thing is that he was completely sincere with his behaviour.

Yes, there are other officers in the army who are quite different. Who are now driving around the entire country, asking for help, buying uniforms, buying tents. Or those who spent their own money on fixing barracks and headquarters. And those who spent their own money to purchase medicine for the medical units.

Or those who refuse to pay a bribe for that extra star and get “stuck” in Majors, for example. And when I was loading his car with the next dose of aid, I noticed a rooftop taxi cab car sign there, a removable one…on magnets. Fuck, I was so ashamed of it.
And him? We pretended that I had not noticed.

That BITCH from the leadership of the Ministry of Defence–soon I will stop working on body armour and will start on you!”

Source: http://freejournal.biz/article4100/index.html

Story 1 Source: Dmitry Kapustin FB reposted by Wings Phoenix (PHOTOS

Story 2 Source: Wings Phoenix FB (From: “Yury!….” Wings Phoenix’s name is: Yury Biryukov)  

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