ARSEN AVAKOV: Serhiy Kulchytskyi, the General whom soldiers applauded

By Arsen Avakov, Interior Minister of Ukraine
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine


On that day, Kulchytskyi was embarrassed. He lined up the soldiers at the military ATO camp before the meeting with Arseniy Yatsenyuk. He approached Yatsenyuk with a marching step and began his report:

“Mr. Vice-Prime…,” he stumbled­. “Prime Minister…the personnel of the ATO forces are lined up. Without incident.” Arseniy smiled then, and warmly greeted them. Seemingly without noticing.

Serhiy Petrovych [Kulchytskyi] left, upset by the slip. Frustrated, he turned to me:

“I’m sorry, never reported to the Prime Minister before. Got lost…”

“This isn’t important right now. Your trainees will speak for you.” I nodded at the First Battalion of the National Guard then–at the guys Kulchytskyi prepared from the training ground…

His trainees didn’t disappoint. Just like the General himself. He didn’t hide from bullets. Wasn’t afraid to be on the frontlines. Just as he wasn’t afraid of dirty groundwork.

He didn’t operate in a flashy way, but in a clear and honest military kind of way.

And today he was killed. Killed along with his companions at the hands of terrorirsts…

I dismiss the anger and the lump in my throat… I remember that morning mishap and our meeting on Easter Sunday…

At an academic campus in Pavlohrad, we sat together then in the smoking room with the guys from the First Reserve Battalion of the National Guard–we discussed problems, what is wrong about a process that we had just started…

We talked sincerely, and therefore, the conversation wasn’t laden with compliments…

And here, at the end of our conversation, a boy got up and spat out:

“We’d like to still mention our General! He’s cool!” and started clapping. All the guys joined in sincerely…

I was just stunned and delighted…

Maidan activists were clapping to a General of the Interior Ministry!

Guys, do you remember that day? Under the first spring leaves we were all clapping to General Serhiy Petrovych Kulchytskyi, a real officer!

We weren’t wrong. Glory to the Heroes!

Source: Arsen Avakov FB


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2 Responses to ARSEN AVAKOV: Serhiy Kulchytskyi, the General whom soldiers applauded

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  2. Chris Thornton says:

    RIP General. We have your back. Thank you and your fellow soldiers for your sacrifice. It will be be in vain! Glory to the brave!!

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