Unmanned aerial vehicle shot down by Ukrainian special operation units is Russian – SBU

By Euan MacDonald
Edited by Voices of Ukraine

Kyiv, May 30 (Interfax-Ukraine) – An unmanned aerial vehicle shot down by Ukrainian army on May 28, according to preliminary report, is a type of “Orlan-10” UAV produced by Russia, the Security Service of Ukraine’s spokesman said.

“According to the preliminary analysis of the specialists, the vehicle is one of the serial modifications of the “Orlan-10” UAV made by Russia, with a parachute landing system. The “Orlan-10” is a component of the air reconnaissance, observation and monitoring complex. It is used by the Russia state structures, in particular, Russian Defense Ministry as a reconnaissance aircraft, which capable to create base maps in 3D and to operate process of fighting. Depending on modification and set module, the UAV “Orlan-10″ could carry on board thermovision camera, photo camera, video camera, radio transmitter, and re-transmitter,” the Ministry reported on Friday.

The required technical and chemical examinations are being carried now, the SBU said.

The flight of unmanned aerial vehicle, which was carrying an unknown chemical substance, was halted by the Security Service of Ukraine and the Defense Ministry.

As reported, soldiers of Ukraine’s Airborne Troops and special operations units taking part in the military operation in the southeast of the country shot down an unmanned aerial vehicle over one of their checkpoints on Wednesday, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry said in a press release.

“As a result, the drone was seized. Its payload was removed. The information contained in it is being analyzed. Apart from the fuel, it was carrying a capsule filled with an unknown pungent chemical substance, which will be examined,” the Ministry said.

Source: Euan MacDonald FB

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