From Local Public Office to Battlefield: Ukraine’s Unsung Heroes

By Roman Bochkala, journalist at “Inter” TV channel.
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine.


With this guy we talked briefly and rather interruptedly. From our first words it became clear to me–this is a young man who is well-read, well-educated; a true patriot. But I could not get his name. He just told me that he was from Chernihiv Oblast [region].

And what does he do for work–he’s the head of his village. They elected him at 24 years of age. The second youngest in this position in all of Ukraine. And in March he was mobilized. The only one out of the whole village. Now he’s a sniper.

He was among the intelligence scouts near Sloviansk. On the front edge so to speak … He participated in contact fighting many times. He grappled with them in hand-to-hand combat … where he was yesterday, he is no longer there. If anyone knows this guy, let me know!

Those who are like he is–are the real heroes. My dream is that out of others like him, a new nation will grow. Guys and girls who can manage not just a native village, but their native country sincerely and with love.

Source: Roman Bochkala FB

Video with both men in it here:

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    From Local Public Office to Battlefield: Ukraine’s Unsung Heroes

  2. Chris Thornton says:

    Respect to this patriot!!!

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    See this guy here:

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