DMITRY TYMCHUK: Regarding the armed fight involving the Donbas Battalion on May 23 near Karlivka

Dmitry Tymchuk, Coordinator, Information Resistance

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

information_resistance_logo_engUsing different sources and having coordinated the information received with the leadership of the Donbas Battalion, we, the Information Resistance group, have reconstructed the chain of events that received a great public outcry.

[Here’s the chain of events] in general, omitting the details.

10 to 15 minutes after the start of the military engagement, the personnel of the Donbas Battalion realized that it was in a carefully organized ambush. The locations of enemy firing positions were carefully considered, the sniper work indicated their high level of professional training.

The high level of organization of the ambush in an area where the activity of the ATO forces had not been noted before, suggests that the terrorists received information about the movement of the Donbas Battalion in advance.

Shortly after the start of the fight, the terrorist reinforcement arrived. According to our data, a little earlier a motorcade with armed men (judging by appearance–from the Caucasus) left Donetsk and moved towards the scene.

Reinforcements were armed with assault rifles of the AK-100 series (which is in service with the Russian army, while the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other legitimate armed forces of Ukraine do not have such weapons) and PK machine guns, at least one of them has been identified as a NSV-12.7 caliber heavy machine gun “the Rock.” Terrorists also used RGN grenades with a fuse (intermediary detonator) DPU (“shock remote fuse”)–which are used by the Russian army.

Appeals from the Donbas Battalion to the ATO leadership didn’t bring any results. There were promises to send the armored vehicles and rescue aircraft, but ultimately no assistance was given.

Also (this includes our efforts) the commanders of almost all the law enforcement agencies were informed about the events occurring near Karlivka, which participated in the ATO. It likewise, had no effect.

At the same time, we have evidence that one of the units of the Armed Forces in the area of ​​the ATO team received orders to advance towards Karlivka and assist the Donbas Battalion. For unknown reasons, this order wasn’t carried out. Currently, we are carefully checking this information.

Ultimately, the Donbas Battalion fought in a battle that lasted 4.5 hours, alone. The personnel of the Battalion suffered casualties. Battalion fighters have identified that at least 15 terrorists were destroyed.

According to available information, the Battalion left the environs on its own: without any outside help received–either from the ATO forces, or from other forces.

Source: Dmitry Tymchuk FB


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9 Responses to DMITRY TYMCHUK: Regarding the armed fight involving the Donbas Battalion on May 23 near Karlivka

  1. chervonaruta says:

    Reblogged this on Euromaidan PR and commented:

    DMITRY TYMCHUK: Regarding the armed fight involving the Donbas Battalion on May 23 near Karlivka

  2. Volodya says:

    Something is amiss here. No assistance at all? No aerial support? A single armed helicopter or Su-25 would have tilted the balance immediately.

  3. John Sarlat says:

    I thought Right Sector had some fighters that engaged in relief??? Truth or Rumour?

  4. Jimmy Stewart says:

    You walk in to a well prepared ambush setup by well armed professionals, you are basically f*cked and you can not get any support whatsoever and at the end of the fight the ambushers have lost and not only that but they have lost heavily? Sounds like somebody has been watching to many Hollywood movies and is wondering off in to the realms of fantasy…… the story from the otherwise isn’t as half as fantastic.

  5. Renato says:

    Why always speak about the AK 100 used by Russian army? As I know it is not. The AK 100 series is only for export, it does not even use the standard Russian bullets.

    • art says:

      You might want to brush up on your Wikipedia skills. Russian armed forces use the AK-105 chambered for 5.45x39mm. Ukraine does not. Many Russian troops still use older AK-74SUs, but Russian special forces and Putin’s mercenary bands use the 105 along with a number of other pieces of cutting edge exclusive weaponry.

      • chervonaruta says:

        Hmm, your comment is not making sense to us, so you may want to re-read the article and re-check the wiki-link. Let’s review, the article clearly states:
        “Reinforcements were armed with assault rifles of the AK-100 series (which is in service with the Russian army, while the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other legitimate armed forces of Ukraine do not have such weapons)” and the link to the AK-100 series clearly lists your precious 105. So it’s all there. Otherwise not following your point…?
        And that link again here is:
        Thanks for the question!

  6. chris says:

    hello , I am french , ex military , living in Ukraine , if anybody of this bataillon reads my post : don’t move , never move , without proper reconnaissance in front of you , this is basic .Ask your commander why he did not order a reconnaissance , this is irresponsible.

  7. Darian Nicholas says:

    The fact that the ATO force had no command support in the Donetsk oblast leads to the conclusion that pro-Russian terrorists with professional Russian military support have infiltrated all of oblast’s top posts. They kill who they want, kidnap who they want, terrorize who they want. GIven that 70% of the oblast is against annexation, the ATO is right to protect them. But given Kyiv’s unresponsiveness to the ATO’s pleas for assistance leads to the suspicion that some kind of a deal has been struck. Maybe the infiltration is deeper than just in Donetsk.

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