INFORMATION RESISTANCE: Separatists took a factory serviceable combat engineering vehicle from Kramatorsk 

By Information Resistance
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Our IR group had questions regarding a combat engineering vehicle taken by insurgents from Kramatorsk …


According to yesterday’s media reports, separatists took the inoperable combat engineering vehicle [CEV], decommissioned a long time ago, from the premises of the Novokramatorsk Machine Building Plant [NKMZ]. The press service of the plant confirmed this information.

“Engineering equipment manufactured over 20 years ago is currently inoperable and has been decommissioned for scrap metal. Subsequently, the CEV was loaded into the transporter and taken from the premises,” said the announcement from yesterday.

Information Resistance became aware of some details of these events. According to our information, separatists visited the plant, negotiated with the enterprise management, and personally verified that the CEVs they were interested in were indeed inoperable. Later the events progressed in a slightly different way than the machine plant stated.

According to our information, after the armed men departed, the dismantled CEVs were moved to one of the plant workshops where reconstruction has been performed for several days. It turns out that on May 14, separatists took not “scrap metal,” but a CEV in working order from the plant.

What an odd situation: either the plant management is unaware of what their workers do, or they deliberately concealed the information, thereby assisting the separatists. Moreover, at the present moment, there are two more decommissioned CEVs at the NKMZ that separatists are well aware of.

It’s worth noting that such vehicles are used to lay out roads in rough terrain, in forests, and in urban rubble, and for digging and backfilling trenches.

Notably, the president of the publicly traded company (PJSC) Novokramatorsk Machine Building Plant is the people’s deputy of the Verkhovna Rada [Ukrainian Parliament] of the 4th-6th sessions, [Party of Regions faction] Heorhiy Skudar.


Heorhiy Skudar

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  1. chervonaruta says:

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    INFORMATION RESISTANCE: Separatists took a factory serviceable combat engineering vehicle from Kramatorsk

  2. Traitors like this, MPs or not, should be jailed, tried, then punished. Party of Regions is a terrorist organization, pure and simple.

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