DMITRY TYMCHUK: Regarding “Akhmetov scenario” for Donbas

Dmitry Tymchuk, Coordinator, Information Resistance

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

information_resistance_logo_engThe Metinvest Group of Mr. Rinat Akhmetov
has called on Ukrainian authorities to stop the ATO–in particular, the operation in Mariupol. “We believe that Ukrainian servicemen, as well as other armed people, should immediately leave the city,” announced the Akhmetov group. Metinvest also stated that “to maintain order in Mariupol, the Metinvest Group, together with the municipal police, will create people’s squads from among the employees of the metallurgical works.”

This scenario can be called nothing but provocation. Here’s why:

First of all, Mr. Akhmetov, a businessman, has no legal rights to form a private army. It would be inaccurate to compare this with the activity of the governors of Ukrainian oblasts [regions].  The latter have the right to participate in the formation of units of territorial defense, which are created under the law “On approval of the Presidential Decree,” “On partial mobilization,” and the Presidential Decree “On approval of the regulations on the territorial defense of Ukraine.” Thus, these territorial defense units are always included in the legitimate armed forces of Ukraine.

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 11.58.00 AMMetinvest, on the other hand, would create some undefined “people’s squads,” which have no legal status and will probably be subject to Mr. Akhmetov only. In this case, it’s unclear how Akhmetov’s “squads” are different from pro-Russian terrorist groups in Donbas in terms of the Act.

Second, the reasons by which Metinvest does not recognize the rights of Ukrainian law enforcement agencies and other similar organizations to provide lawfulness and order in Donbas as a territory of the Ukrainian state, or explain why Akhmetov’s private army would have more rights to conduct such enforcement, are unclear.

Third, Metinvest advocates the withdrawal of “Ukrainian military and other armed individuals” from Mariupol. At the same time, it advocates for full control in the city by its “teams.” If these “teams” are armed, then it’s unclear where Metinvest obtained the weapons, and on what grounds it distributed them among civilians. If they are not armed, then the use of such “teams” against armed terrorists in the city is a provocation.

Fourth, the Metinvest statement about Akhmetov’s “teams” being formed “jointly with municipal police” is absolutely unclear. What type of “municipal police” are they talking about? The local Interior Ministry officials that pander to terrorists and are traitors? What right do they have to participate in the creation of armed formations not stipulated by Ukrainian legislation?

Overall, we’d like to state the following: the Metinvest announcement is absolutely incomprehensible and provocative. We observe that Mr. Akhmetov, just like some other Donbas oligarchs, is imposing his ideal scenario on Ukraine. Very important questions arise regarding this scenario, primarily of their adherence to the national interests of Ukraine.


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3 Responses to DMITRY TYMCHUK: Regarding “Akhmetov scenario” for Donbas

  1. Deutscher EU-Austritt says:

    And Poroshenko funding Euromaidan is fine, of course.

  2. John Sarlat says:

    Akmhetov sounds like a slithering snake!! Motive??? He has plenty….to finance DPR and keep the region in legal entanglements. As owner of DTEK, a heavily subsidized coal mining company, he and Putin (Gazprom) gain by keeping out development of gas and oil shale in the area due to legal entanglements with respect to drilling rights. Western companies would require a non sanctioned and peaceful business friendly state before investing heavily in the area.

    Local Oil and Gas resources would be a huge economic and financial boom for the area of Donbas, Donetsk, Luhansk and naturally Ukraine. This of course would be to the detriment of backers of the separatist movement. Mainly Putin/Gazprom who would incur resource competition to his european clients and lose the Ukrainian market altogether. Since Russian boots on Ukrainian ground would spell disaster for Russia, Putin prefers to destabilize the region through his proxy Akmhetov, whose DTEK interests are aligned with Putin and keep the area economically weak and his pockets lined with coal subsidies to keep area from being totally devastated. I would not be surprised to see him try to prop up Tsarev as his Puppet President while Akmhetov would be the defacto, behind the scenes ruler of NovoRossiya. Much like the arrangement he had with Yanukovych. The Donetsk criminal empire would thus be preserved and open for business with the Kremlin ally.

    Putin in annexing Crimea and internationally sanctioning all companies whom could possibly develop the offshore resources in that region of Ukraine, accomplished the elimination of oil and gas supply. Keeping Russian demand intact. The Naval base just a distraction for economic manipulation a bonus.

  3. Pretty lamebrain ultra-nationalist fanaticism considering the ridiculous ineffectiveness of sending heavily armed troops against your own people. Akmhetov’s “private army” is having a lot more success in restoring order in Maruipol than your APC’s, “UN”helicopters and mercenaries (speaking of “private armies”) .

    Akmhetov a “Putin proxy”? Where is the evidence of that? Akmhetov was key in pulling the rug from out under Yanukovich you might recall. It is obvious that both Akmhetov and the Donbass trade unions all solidly oppose the secession of Donetsk and Luhansk, as this would spell their economic ruin. But no, you all waste your time shooting yourselves in the foot demonizing the only forces that can save what remains of Ukraine, by outflanking, disarming and marginalizing the Putin separatists.

    It really quite rich to hear those who just got finished demolishing by force their previous government, turn around and stomp their feet in a tantrum about “legal authority”. News Flash: Ukraine just had a massive political revolution! The establishment of a new legitimate legal authority is precisely the task that remains to be done! Right now, the Kiev government lacks legitimacy in the Donbass, and it won’t be achieved out of the barrel of a gun! You are going to have to make deals with whatever forces are available to achieve that legitimacy! Uncle Sam won’t save you!

    As we say in the USA: Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

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