ROMAN DONIK: Kadyrovites and Cossacks

By Roman Donik.
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine.


Dear Friends,

No need to be nervous and create even more hysteria all because of the terrible and awesome Kadyrov and especially Kuban warriors.

The more of them that arrive, the fewer of them there will be.

Firstly, they have indeed earned their reputation for being terrible and ruthless punishers with air, artillery and armor support. When there are a lot of them, they can rely on their guides and informants to help block the rebels in the forests. Recall that the Kadyrov fought against the rebels and not with them. They are not very effective as guerrillas and subversives. Moreover, all who come here (if indeed they’re coming) are motivated only by money, and there is a total lack of support from the local population. Even if one of them ever had been a partisan, that would have been in their own mountains and on their own land. But after that, they sold out the path of the warrior and the freedom of Ichkeria for some Kadyrov soup and a full life. They betrayed themselves for the sake of life and personal satisfaction, and they will betray again. They will certainly not fight for an idea.

Also, do not forget that wherever a kadyrovite arrives, there too will follow his blood feud. Now, however, they will be more vulnerable. In Chechnya, it was one story, but here things won’t be so easy for them. The Chechen soldiers, who now live all over the world, are very much present and have something to say about the Kadyrov. The more they come here, the fewer they will return home. Here they will face the regular army and special forces and not just the civilians and rebel Minorities, to which they have become accustomed.

And just one more small detail: Kadyrov’s soldiers and Cossacks on the same team?That’s not even funny.

In general, we Ukrainians are a very hospitable nation. So, let them come. We’ll take in everyone.

Source: Roman Donik FB

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