Igor Kabanenko: Thoughts of the day

By Igor Kabanenko, Newly-appointed representative of the Defence Minister
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Friends, I’m sorry that I’ve kept silent after my appointment – the situation is too sensitive. Here are some thoughts of the day:

1. Proper leadership, professionalism, combined effort, determination and commitment are as always the keys to success. We should proceed while keeping this in mind.

2. The Ukrainian military is capable of effective actions in these difficult times when “hybrid warfare” has been imposed on us from outside.

3. Undying memory to the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for Ukraine! The responsibility for our losses lies on those in the Kremlin.

4. The events of the last few days prove that the morale of our soldiers is high (seven wounded troopers refused hospitalisation).

5. The extremism is organised and controlled from within the Kremlin. Methods of intimidation, bribery and murder are employed. Defence tactics for “rebellious” areas are prepared not by locals but by Russian military experts.

6. The freeing of the OSCE observers and our verification officers was a successful operation conducted together with our allies.

7. The Russian propaganda machine continues to work on productions of fake [information] with tripled energy that smacks of hysteria. However, its output falls short of the mark. These are the first steps our society takes towards developing immunity against the virus of Russian propaganda.

8. Ukrainian citizens generally support decisive actions to liberate our country from terrorists and extremists.

9. The urgent problem of the fifth column in Ukraine has to be immediately addressed. Mechanisms for preventing its future occurrence have to be found and installed.

10. The People of Ukraine can hold any enemy at bay. However, it’s too early to relax: This particular enemy is a treacherous and a cynical one.

11. At the state and local levels an efficient mechanism for national resistance has been installed. Volunteers make up the core of the local militia’s units that should protect the state and its citizens. Patriots, join us!

Source: Igor Kabanenko FB 

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