Listening to Eastern Ukraine’s Propaganda-created Fears

By Yuriy Kasyanov
04.08.2014 Facebook status
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Few of them visited Europe, and practically none of them was on Maidan during the revolution – views of the Russism ideologists about Europeans and Maidan protesters are as dark as the dogmas of the history of the Soviet Communist Party.

1460973_627765260617465_1809780154_nThe East. For two days I’ve been listening to what the separatists are saying on the Shavonte (ZELLO) transmitter, watching the stream and reading the Rascist posts on the networks. They are ideological: They believe in Russia, they want to go to Russia, and they don’t love Ukraine. They hate the Americans and dream about their vast motherland. Few of them have been to Europe and practically none of them were on Maidan during the revolution, but the views of Russism ideologists about Europeans and Maidan protesters are as dense as the dogma of old Soviet Communist Party history. Europe is run by Yanks, Jews, queers; anti-Semitism is all over the transmitters: Yatsenyuk for them is an “egghead Jew,” Kolomenski is a “fat kike,” Maidan was paid for, people stood up and died for money.

They hate and fear the “Maidanites.” They are convinced that the “Right Sector” are cleaning up Donetsk, Kharkov and Luhansk, and that the National Guard are the Maidan Self Defence militia. They call the RS fighters “rightsexuals,” but they are everywhere where the Russist ideologues are unsuccessful. American mercenaries are also hindering them, as the Separatists knew from the Russian Ministry of the Interior. The Russists are very frightened of Vitali Yarem and Yuliya Tymoshenko. I have heard several times that Tymoshenko and Yarem have given orders to shoot them. They are suspicious of Yanukovich. They respect Akhmetov. As someone who is strong and authoritative. But they do understand that Akhmetov is using the pro-Russians for his own purposes.

There aren’t many Russists. They are not even a part of the population, but a part of a part [of it]. There are probably no more of them in Donetsk than in Kyiv, just that Donetsk doesn’t go on the streets, it is not defending its freedom just as people in Kyiv were not doing two or four years ago. Nothing unusual, it’s all quite simple although they say the East is a delicate issue.

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    Listening to Eastern Ukraine’s Propaganda-created Fears

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