Murdered Major in Crimea: Family continues to suffer

By Wings Phoenix
04.08.2014 Facebook
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine
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I wanted to put off this post until tomorrow, but I was so churned up inside. I was in torment the whole evening, I could not bring myself to write about people’s suffering. About a calamity.

Everyone knows that on Sunday night in Crimea they killed one of our officers [Major Stanislav V. Karachevskyy]. And about the wife and two children. To be honest, I read it, winced and then carried on doing my business, I tried not to think about it too much. That was my emotional defence. Not to think about the wife or children. About the terrible happenings in Crimea now.

But today I got the message to help. This is not about self defence, I have to help.
I talked with a girl who was helping the family. I spoke with an officer from the unit. I talked with his sister. Silent and sad voices, without emotion, they were depressed voices. I talked for a long time. About a lot of things.

Friends. They need help. In a lot of different ways. Not just money.

In order:

1) They have not given Stas’ body. I don’t know how subhuman this scum can be in this situation, these animals are drunk on their temporary omnipotence. But they haven’t released the body. And we cannot do anything about it. There is hope that they will give it back tomorrow.

2) There may be problems with frontier guards, the Berkut or someone is there with them. After they “shook up” some students from Sebastopol for three hours I am not surprised. Does someone know how to organize (for money or however) a “green” corridor on the way?

3) They are bringing him to Berdyansk and will bury him there. The family needs help. The sister of course tried to say that they can manage themselves… but we all know everything, right? And we can help them. Card details 5167987201010671 (Private), Каtеrina Vladimirovna Karachevskaya (Porfilova). I transferred 5000 hryvnas from our fund, I hope I’ll be forgiven my “improper” payment.

4) Besides money there is a hitch with the funeral. The family is asking for a place for him in the cemetery. There is a place next to his father, but they are asking to look at the possibility of burying him in the path of heroes. I am not completely sure of the right term for the cemetery of the city of Berdyansk, forgive me if I have gotten something wrong. The City Military Commissioner will write a letter to the Mayor. He will write a request. They did not ask for any bribes, they said they would ask, but they are not promising anything. Is there anyone in Bredyansk who can try to help? I shall try to talk to be people in Kyiv. Can this issue be decided on a local level?

5) The widow and children will be 10-14 days in Berdyansk, then she will go to Nikolaev. On Saturday I will be meeting with the heads of the 10th Sakski Naval Aviation Brigade, they will take care of Olha and her children as best they can. And with our help.

It’s a small world. I was planning to meet with Lieutenant Chernenko who saved our naval aviation from the “green men.” Now there are several reasons to meet. Pity.

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11 Responses to Murdered Major in Crimea: Family continues to suffer

  1. chervonaruta says:

    Reblogged this on Euromaidan PR and commented:

    Murdered Crimean Major’s Family Continues to Suffer.

  2. Pat Joy says:

    They don’t just need pity, they need anger on their behalf.

  3. Lorren says:

    Russian liberators and protectors liberate wives and small children from the oppression of having a loving family, and protect them from a secure future. Putin has this blood on his hands personally, as it was his call to send his thugs disguised as soldiers into Crimea to oppress the people there. The people of the free world must take action.

    • Pat Joy says:

      You’ll be lucky, the people of the free world don’t want to know. They feel free to let us sink or swim on our own.

      • Patricia Joy says:

        We have made a short video of Prayer for Ukraine, using pictures mostly of children to stress that it is for their future that Ukraine is willing to fight and die for freedom. How can I get it on here. Not fantastic on transferring things.

      • chervonaruta says:

        Patricia, please send us a link to your video on our Facebook page, Voices of Ukraine – Official

      • Patricia Joy says:

        I can get to your fb site, but when I try to send the video it won’t come up with it. Try going on my fb page Kyivjoy and look on my timeline and see if you can get it. I’ve just put it at the top of my timeline again.

      • chervonaruta says:

        Patricia, you can’t post to our FB page, it would appear on the side under Notifications, but I don’t see it there. I viewed it from your page. We can’t post it because it is not in English. I can post it to our Ukrainian page “Maidan Needs Translators” only. Many thanks!

      • Patricia Joy says:

        When I try to post you your fb page I put in vo and when I put in the i it goes blank. If you think it will help put it on the Maidan needs translators site. Most, although not all, of the children in the pictures live here, either the ones we have charge of, or the ones living here with their mum. They were at risk of being put out on the street. The little one helping Len rake up the dried grass in Maxim, Tanya’s youngest.

      • chervonaruta says:

        I don’t know why you can’t send us a message on our FB page, it’s easy to do and you should be able to, but I can’t tell what’s going wrong. Either way, don’t worry about it! I posted it to MNT page already. Smiles and joy! thanks.

      • Patricia Joy says:

        I seem to be able to send to every other page, group or whatever, but for some reason, not to you. Never mind, you managed to get it yourself, that’s the main thing.

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