Donbas: Monkeys in the arena.

69191460By Oleksiy Zavodyuk, activist blogger
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

What is happening in Donbas is an attempt by Yanukovich’s gang to save their asses and their stolen capital with Putin’s help. Their choices are prison and confiscation, or to run away under Putin’s wing, as this shit so gleefully accepts them into his “Russian world.”

Local political freaks and special officers from Russia are the ones taking part. They are getting help from corrupt local cops who also have to save their own skins.

Donetsk journalist Yevgen Ikhelson:
Russians want to “mirror” your Maidan in Eastern Ukraine. As a farce, and if possible, as a tragedy. In any case, it is a parody. Michael Jackson gave the world the moonwalk, and the Banderites gave it Maidan. Simulate it all you want, but it won’t have any soul. Imitation is the essence of Russian social thought at the start of the 21st century. KGB-rock.

Yuri Butusov, Kyiv journalist.
When I read the critics of Avakov, Nalyvaichenko, Yatsenyuk and Turchinov I am always struck that they say the cause of all the problems in the South East is the absence of political will and the lack of desire to give orders. Give orders? Why not give orders! Open fire! Hysterics don’t pass through the [police] tape. If anyone suggests that something has managed to change in the demoralized and corrupt law enforcement system and government apparatus in the South East, they are very wrong. The system is only being built. Ukraine does not yet have the forces to suppress acts of sabotage in the South East. Not yet. These forces are being created. To storm with tanks and special forces from the Western areas is not an option. The Russian subversives are protecting themselves with crowds of hired local thugs as a human shield. They are armed. If we storm the thugs in the buildings you’ll get what the Russian propaganda wants, bodies, explosions, a picture of uncontrolled chaos in the South East. War is Putin’s last hope of disrupting the elections in Ukraine. And the country’s leadership is desperately trying to keep the situation from military action. Because a war will cancel the elections. Only an idiot would not understand and want to bomb, shoot and clean them out. A meeting of SNBO [National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine] is in progress, all forces and resources are alerted. Solutions to the problem are being worked out. Alternatives and the harshest measures are being considered. NATO experts will be in Kyiv tomorrow, no one is abandoning or discarding us, the struggle for Ukraine is in progress. It’s just embarrassing to hear the cries of panic. Don’t let any of us down.

Update: for the hysterical comments that: “They also gave Crimea away”, let me explain, there are no Russian troops in the South East. They were brought into Crimea the day after the capture of the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (ARC) was seized. Is the difference not clear? A sign of invasion is – little green men. While they are absent, it’s our internal affair.

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