Maidan is not going away. Maidan is in all of us.

"The Revolution Still Is"

“Revolution Continues”

By Roman Donik
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

I am not justifying or blaming anyone.
I will attempt to view [the situation in Crimea] from the position of a Russian speaking-Ukrainian nationalist in an emotionless way. From the position of a person who is concerned about the revival and formation of the country. For the liberation of Ukraine from its Soviet legacy and Russian dominance.
From the position of a person who stood on Maidan for the good. Like thousands of others. Like millions who support the revolution.
As someone who wants to see Ukraine become a truly independent, developed and flourishing [country].

I’m very disheartened that people who 20 years ago were enraptured with the heroes of the revolution such as Kotovski, Comrade Artem, Shchors and others, are now suddenly throwing labels around.
Gangs, gangsters, extortionists, looters, etc. Let’s not forget history.
And without sentences and verdicts. History will evaluate [them].
Until the revolution is over, we should not be aiming for crowns and judging the people who might be in the same positions tomorrow that we are in today. Because today’s thugs (as you call them) might be tomorrow’s heroes for future generations.
In particular, we should not put labels on people who yesterday were with you on the same side of the barricades. We can and should come to an agreement with all of them. Everyone is reasonable.
In case anyone suddenly forgot, millions of people made the revolution, not a change of elites and parties.
We stood on Maidan and crawled under the bullets to dismantle the corrupt system of oligarchic clans.
That is, we stood for revolution. We are the revolution.
If, dear party hacks, the idea flashed through your mind that we were there to change blue for multi-color, you’re wrong.
We want to, and will, break the system partly made up of corrupt cops, judges, corrupt officials and embezzlers of the highest rank.
If those newly in power wanted to wipe out Maidan, we don’t need this type of government.
If you participated in the revolution and then before its end stood on the side of its opponents (that is on the side of the system), then you will become traitors and counter revolutionaries.

If there is an infringement, in your opinion or under existing law, let’s look at it objectively and from all sides.
If the self-defense troops took  an off-road vehicle from an official, that is priced three times the official’s lifetime salary, that is of course very bad.
It needs to be investigated.
But let’s not forget to investigate where the poor official’s firewood came from, as well.
The car belongs to your Mom? So let Mum show that she saved up her pension.
Because it [usually] happens the following way: crazed from his own impunity, the official calls the top cops who suddenly take his side and start pressuring anyone but the corrupt official.

If somebody thinks that “Maidan has done its business and can disband,” they should think again. It might only seem like that.

Maidan is not going away. Maidan is in all of us.

If you want to keep the system unchanged, but just rehash it, we won’t let you do that.
Now we have a war in the southeast. And separatists, and spies, as well as our unequipped and disorganized army.
And we stay busy helping the army and doing some of your work to get this very army together again.
But that does not mean that you can use the opportunity to completely destroy our Revolution under the cover of Russian aggression.
Because we have not finished yet. We’re just temporarily busy with other things.
And even if Russian troops invade Ukraine, that won’t help you save the system.
Don’t set your hopes on that. Even if part of Ukraine is occupied, that won’t help you keep the system. We will mobilize, organize and knock out the Muscovites.
And then you. Because we are ready. And prepared to die. And because we have a different Motherland. A different Ukraine.

And finally about Yulia [Tymoshenko]. She deserves respect. Although many question marks hang over her. But I want everyone to understand.
YULIA TYMOSHENKO IS ONE OF HUNDREDS of political prisoners freed by the Revolution. ONE OF and not the objective of the palace revolution.
She is a normal person who might, or might not become, a political figure.
That only depends on us, ordinary Ukrainians, and not on those we put in Ministerial offices at the price of the lives of the Heavens Hundred.

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5 Responses to Maidan is not going away. Maidan is in all of us.

  1. chervonaruta says:

    Reblogged this on Euromaidan PR and commented:

    Maidan is not going away. Maidan is in all of us!

  2. Crafter says:

    Reblogged this on LIFECRAFTERS and commented:
    I like this perspective on Maidan.

  3. Lorren says:

    Maidan is not going away. Maidan is in all of us. Even those of us 4500 miles away from Maidan are touched by it. It is not just the fight of the People of Ukraine. It is the latest battle in the fight of humankind, stretching over centuries of injustice and repression, the fight to reach a better place for all of us. Some of us who live in the sunshine after previous battles fought and won for a time in this war feel the darkness still looming over our brothers and sisters elsewhere. If we do not use the stable footing provided by our own victories to reach a hand to those still on treacherous ground, our victories are hollow indeed. I cannot say that enough Americans agree with me, or see this fight in Ukraine as another battle in the same war we ourselves fought in 250 years ago. Thomas Jefferson observed that the tree of Liberty must occasionally be renewed with the blood of patriots and tyrants. The tyrant has fled to Rostov on Don to protect his blood, but Ukraine’s patriots make up the difference with their own blood. The tree of Liberty is being renewed in Ukraine now. The “shot heard ’round the world” from the American Revolution is still echoing back to us; I feel that we Americans must not ignore its call. Our reluctant general at the time, George Washington, said of the decision to fight to throw off our own chains, “Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair.” Let us now let that standard be the blue and gold of Ukraine, raised at great cost in Maidan.
    Maidan is not going away. Maidan is in all of us. Everywhere.

    Slava Ukrainye!

  4. Maidan is indeed in all of us. Everyone who recognizes that all people have a right to be free, and to throw out the criminals who presume to rule over us, stand with you!

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