VIDEO VOICES of the Revolution: KOZAK SYSTEM – “Brother for Brother” (new video)


The song “Brother for Brother” by Kozak System is an unusual combination of forces of Polish-Ukrainian music in solidarity with the fight for freedom and democracy in Ukrainian society. This protest song is a joint effort of Kozak System (Ukraine), Enej and Darek Maleo Malejonka, artists with a strong position in music.

Directed by – Matthew Winkiel
Photos – Luke Łazarczyk, Simon Mrozowski, Martin Pabiniak
Editing – Michael Berensztajn
Implementation and Production – Mania Studio
Pyrotechnics: Artur Sobieraj (
In the video uses archive footage courtesy of TV


Song “Brother for Brother” by the band KOZAK SYSTEM, together with Polish bands ENEJ and Maleo Reggae Rockers
Ukrainian. Text Alexander Polozhynsky
Polish text – Enej and Maleo Reggae Rockers

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    Video Voices of the Revolution: KOZAK SYSTEM’s new video “Brother for Brother”

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    Polish-Ukrainian solidarity through music

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