Dmitry Tymchuk, Information Resistance

March 20, 2014
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Information Resistance

Information Resistance

Brothers and sisters!
Here is the summary for March 20 (for the summary from the previous day, see Summary of March 19).

The bad news:

1. The main trouble is that March 21, 2014 could be the starting point of not the most enjoyable events in our current confrontation with Russia. Last week we received multiple signals that the Russian troops have oriented themselves in Crimea: the day will begin with some serious actions. We received such signals both from the groupings of Russian troops on our borders, as well as the ones from Moscow.

We, the Information Resistance group, attempt to verify any information three times before we provide it to you. As of now, I cannot confirm these signals and give any specifics. Let’s hope that all these unhealthy whispers are just rumors.

On the other hand, the events of recent weeks should be resolved. Putin cannot keep thousands of his troops on the border with Ukraine indefinitely. An army that lives in leaky tents in the woods, in cool March weather, and chews the MREs [Meal, Ready to Eat], loses their morale very fast. And that is why it [the army] must either be pulled forward or ordered to retreat. Let’s hope that they will be given the last option.

2. Our troops in Crimea have massively stopped their resistance. Russian flags keep appearing above military bases and the ships. We repeatedly sent out warnings this could happen many days ago, but the leadership in Kyiv continued to entertain pleasant dreams that “our enemies will vanish like dew in the sun” [a line from Ukrainian anthem] by themselves, thus solving a major problem. They have not vanished yet.

I won’t have the guts to condemn those of our soldiers and officers who betrayed the Oath. I condemn the others. Those who did not take the military Oath, but on whose decisions the fate of these people depended.

3. The U.S. unequivocally announced that they would not participate in combat operations in Ukraine. NATO declared the same some time before that.

As a person who is somewhat involved in an understanding of the concept of military policy, I completely understand that it is a sacred truth that does not require any discussion. Neither the United States nor NATO have any grounds for military intervention. Moreover, their intervention is a direct scenario out of World War III.

But I am damn interested in the question: why talk about it loudly, proclaim and strongly emphasize it at the precise moment when Putin, having hogged Crimea, was getting ready for the second jump on Ukraine, and is patiently waiting for the right moment? Who is pulling the tongues of both Washington and Brussels?

If you do not want or cannot intervene – sit quietly and be silent in your rag. Why provoke the already inadequate aggressor who has spit on the opinion of the world? Why provoke him, saying that you have the defenseless Ukraine before you, why doesn’t anybody intercede for her, let’s go for it! I do not understand these lofty motives.

The good news:

1. The Kremlin paranoiacs, inspired by the “protection of compatriots in Crimea,” laid their eyes on Estonia. Russia’s representative to the UN Council on Human Rights suddenly began to broadcast about “the concerns regarding the attitudes towards Russians in Estonia,” and put the situation in Ukraine in the same boat with Estonia as well.

Obviously, Estonians have nothing good coming from this insanity (even though she is a NATO member, but still there is nothing pleasant from the threat given out by madmen with a nuclear club). But we do. This [behavior] is proof for the whole world that Putin’s Russia is the new Reich I’ve been talking non-stop about. And the Nazis in the Kremlin will not be satisfied by the new Sudetenland (ie Crimea). The sooner this is understood in the West, the better for all of us.

2. Russia threatens to take retaliatory measures if Ukraine starts to encroach on its property (the former Justice Minister of Ukraine threatened to compensate for losses caused by the nationalization of Ukrainian property in Crimea at the expense of “Gazprom” property).

Such threats in this situation are a signal that Kyiv pressed on a nerve of the supposedly invincible Rambo in the Kremlin. It turns out that these Rambos are obsessed with their dominion in Ukraine. And if we sensibly address this issue, we can bring a whole lot more unhappiness to these actors. With benefits for Ukraine and its people, of course.

3. Today, the Ukrainian media reported: the flagship of the Ukrainian Navy “Hetman Sahaidachny” frigate drove the Russian ships from the territorial waters of Ukraine. That’s how it came out, and without a single shot it chased [the ships] away. Four ships of the enemy fled so fast, they reached the speed of light at times. Russian sailor fell overboard like nuts from a leaking sack.

I know this is a fake story. But, mother of all of its authors, it is a very funny fake!

So, let the new day bring us encouraging news that will not turn out to be lies.

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