Statement by Information Resistance: Measures to rescue the Defense sector of Ukraine

Dmitry Tymchuk, Information Resistance
March 16, 2014
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Information Resistance

Information Resistance

Today’s decision by the Ukrainian government to form a Defense reserve fund in the amount of $6.8 billion is undoubtedly the right and needed step. However, speaking about the growth of defense spending  (still inadequate unfortunately), we, the Information Resistance group, offer the military and political leadership to take a number of measures that seem to be necessary under the current circumstances.

As an element of democratic civil control over the defense industry (our tool is the NGO “Center for Military and Political Studies”), we assume responsibility for the public oversight and the coverage of these processes – regardless of the decisions that will be made by the government and Defense Ministry’s leadership of Ukraine.

1. Establish strict control and transparency (at least in terms of the overall distribution) of funds allocated for the Defense.

In this regard, we are particularly worried by the fact that at present, there are new people (or the ones who remained in their posts) with tainted reputations in the leadership roles at the Defense Ministry and the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who were previously subjects to various corruption scandals surrounding the activities of the Ministry of Defense. Despite the fact that we are unable to influence governmental appointments, we promise to use our every effort in monitoring their current activities for corruption.

2. Urgently develop plans to create new units and subdivisions of the Armed Forces in Ukraine with the deployment by our eastern borders (including the newly created National Guard of Ukraine).

This step will not only help solve the problem of ensuring the protection of our south-eastern regions in terms of military security, but also partially solve the problem of employment in these oblasts [regions].

3. Form a position on the urgent increase in the volume of the state defense orders.

This move will make specific promises regarding the fulfillment of the orders by the Defense Ministry of Ukraine and other “power” structures possible for the Ukrainian companies that are part of the military and industrial complex. Since the bulk of these enterprises is concentrated in the south-eastern regions of Ukraine, this [move] will help to carefully plan the creation of jobs in the regions that are going through the complicated political situation now. This will also mean the overall economic (and consequently, social) growth of these areas.

Information Resistance

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