Butusov: A Revolution of Consciousness

By Yuriy Butusov
14.03.2014 FB status update
Translated by Olya Lutska and edited by Voices of Ukraine
Source: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=744752665535265&id=635416686497814&stream_ref=10

I remember Facebook from 5 months ago…

– the news feed full of cats, “looks,” and photos from dinners at restaurants, where politics were mentioned just to mutter about a hard life and to mock someone’s stupid deeds or quotes. On December 2, while in the hospital, I logged into my Facebook account and had around 400 friends. It was at that time when things started to change. As of today, I have 13,000 friends but the number of people I’m interested in is even higher.

I’ve stopped checking out news agencies’ websites because I know that Facebook searches for the news faster than I, analyzes the information more quickly and focuses attention in a wittier way. That’s why I just live here, equal among equals, and try as hard as I can to match the intellectual brain-ring (and put the best of it immediately onto Censor.NET))) It’s just remarkable how my friends’ consciousness (both in Ukraine and in general) has changed during this period. The main heroes are those who have done something for the country and for the people by themselves. Self-criticism at the highest level. Competition of ideas. Being tough on authorities, but at the same time, maintain an objective approach and reasonable steps are supported. Fighting against alarmists, rumors and fears – all these people are doing that by themselves. Both checking and analyzing all the information. And the most important thing – they are adding friends and following people like them, everyone wants to expand their social network by keeping in touch with those great “Facebook-folks.”

Everyone wants to know more, to correctly evaluate the situation and develop their own plan of action. I have long ceased to be surprised that every friend I have is no less informed than I am about the aggressive actions of Russia in Crimea, and separatist actions in Donetsk. But when I hear that ordinary Ukrainians surf the current prices of Brent crude oil and analyzing the legal consequences of the invasion of Crimea to Russian–Japanese and Sino-Russian relations, conduct comparative analysis of the combat training of the armies of European countries, when I see that the “collective intelligence of Facebook” is faster and more powerful than any propaganda machine, I understand – that in Ukraine there is a revolution of consciousness.

And I really hope that after the war, together we will be able to use this energy jointly and cohesively to reform our country in all sectors. We are not indifferent. Our accounts are at the forefront. If the collective intelligence will also build together and persistently endure, to correct errors and fight together in unison, and stand together in unison, we will realize our dreams as fast as we want them to happen.

The only true revolution – a revolution of culture and intelligence.
A revolution of Consciousness.

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3 Responses to Butusov: A Revolution of Consciousness

  1. chervonaruta says:

    Reblogged this on Euromaidan PR and commented:

    The only true revolution – a revolution of culture and intelligence.
    A revolution of Consciousness. -Butusov.

  2. Soul says:

    One of the deepest and more essential texts published after the Ucranian libertarian revolution!
    It touches the invisible soul and power source of everything that’s happening. All other aspects – whatever the side of the confronting parties – become secondary (be it patriotism, nationalism, “glory” to X or Y, ethnical brotherhood, military power and so on). Mr. Butusov should keep writing and publishing for the general public all over the world.

  3. Εxcellent pօst, encorе une fois

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