Mykhailo Havryliuk – Kozak Hero Forgives Torturer Before Trial Sentencing

A few words about the Good…

Not only does it prevail over Evil, but it also inspires everyone to do good deeds.

Do you recall Kozak Havryliuk? The one who was caught by Berkut on Hrushevskiy Street on about January 22nd, brutally beaten, derided – was stripped naked in the freezing cold (-20C), was kept in a paddy wagon naked for a couple of hours, mocked and humiliated. And this man has maintained his dignity and hasn’t become bitter! His torturers are currently standing trial. The warrant officer who tortured him faces up to 8 years in prison.

“I do not have any claim to this man and I want him to get released, do his own business and raise his children. Why should his child become an orphan, why should his dad be taken away from him? I think that it will be a much better lesson than 8 years in prison. I don’t want the father to be taken away from the kiddies, I withdraw my complaints against him. It’s better to let him raise his children, so that such things are never repeated again.,” – said the Euromaidan activist.

He also said that this case alone has become a punishment for the warrant officer!

As one person wrote in reaction to this news: That’s why I love my compatriots – for the ability to rise above all the lies and slander, for being capable of withstanding even the most complicated situations and not becoming cruel, for purity and honesty!! I respect you, Mykhailo, even more! Thank you for being you!

This is where the strength of the people is, the strength of Maidan.Image

For those who did not see the original video of a part of this Kozak’s torture, here is a link to it, so the full impact of the depth of this man’s soul in his pardon of his worst torturer is better understood. Please be warned that the video is graphic: 


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    A Hero is the Beauty of his Shining Spirit: Kozak Havryliuk Forgives Torturer Standing Trial

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