INVASION OF CRIMEA – March 11, 2014 – Reports from the ground


“Information Resistance”

Reports from the ground by Information Resistance

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

09:00 – Mid-Level Commanders of ‘Crimean Self-Defense’ Are Private Contractors from Russia

According to the reports received by Information Resistance, a large portion of the organizers responsible for the blockades of Ukrainian military units by Aksyonov-controlled gangs (so-called “Crimean Self-Defense”) are employed by Russian companies, in essence, similar to private military companies that exist in Western countries (operating as private security companies).

Over the last two days alone, we registered the arrival of approximately 130 such employees to Crimea.

These are mainly companies registered in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Their employees are usually reserve officers of Russian law enforcement authorities, armed forces and state security services. Most of them have service experience in “hot zones” and participated in special operations.

Their mission in Crimea is to organize provocations, command the local small criminals (the core of the so-called “Self-Defense”), and closely work with Russian Cossacks.

Typical representatives of 'Crimean Self-Defense'. Photo by Unian.

Some “foot soldiers” of “Crimean Self-Defense.” Photo by Unian.

10:00 – Artillery Systems in North Crimea

According to the information received by Information Resistance, 22 artillery systems were transported by the Russian occupants to Perekop area (as of 9:30 am).

60 units of military equipment, including “Grad” multiple launch rocket systems, arrived in Djankoy area.

MI-8 and MI-24 helicopters continue arriving from Russia, landing on airfields of the Russian Federation’s Black Sea Fleet in Crimea.

According to our information, pilots of the Russian Federation’s Black Sea Fleet have been suspended from flights. All flights over Crimea are currently made by military pilots deployed from Russia.

"Grad" BM-21 launch vehicle. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

“Grad” BM-21 launch vehicle. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

10:34 – Assault on Military Quarters in Sevastopol

According to the reports received by Information Resistance, at this time (March 11, 10:30 am), Russian occupants are taking over “Morskaya” military quarters, located on Khrustalyov street, Sevastopol.

13:00 – Occupants Take Over Missile and Munitions Warehouse in Chornomorske

Location of Chornomorske village and base.

Location of Chornomorske village and base.

The Ukrainian Navy military unit in Chornomorske village, captured by the Russian militaries on March 10, at 1:30 am, is currently controlled by 200-250 Russian military men.

This morning (March 11), approximately 30 trucks entered the territory of the unit. The occupants explained that their task is to “assist” Ukrainian servicemen in protecting the unit and the ammunition stored there (the unit is a warehouse of missiles and munitions of the Ukrainian Navy).

The village head of Chornomorske started negotiating with the occupants. He said that he demanded that the Russian forces grant Ukrainian specialists access to the warehouses for regular maintenance of the ammunition, which must be carried out once per 2 weeks.

The occupants stated that they would allow such specialists access for the purposes of regularly scheduled maintenance.

14:00 – Commentary on the Bakhchisaray Betrayal

On the situation surrounding the Bakhchisaray motor battalion and on the issue of the battalion Commander’s betrayal.

First – an official statement of the emissary of Information Resistance who talked to the battalion commanding officers:

“In Bakhchisaray, the entire command and officer staff of the motor battalion remain faithful to their oath and continue following the orders of the General Staff and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. No more than 50% of the personnel have placed themselves under command of the illegitimate government of the Autonomous Republic (according to updated data, 60 out of 116 servicemen remain loyal to their oath of allegiance to the people of Ukraine; the exact number of people who switched to Aksyonov’s side is still unknown, because some of the soldiers simply left).”

We remind you that yesterday, at around 15:00, armed Russian militaries took over the military unit in question; shots were fired during the assault. The attackers took down the Ukrainian national flag and replaced it with a Russian one. After some negotiations with the occupants, the commander of the unit persuaded them to raise the Ukrainian national flag again. The flag of the Russian Federation, however, also remains.

Now, for unofficial information. According to our data, the commander of the motor battalion was acting under threat and at gunpoint (the personnel of the motor battalion was not armed). Some observers and the media believe that under these circumstances, raising the flag of the Russian Federation (that is, the enemy flag) on the territory of the Ukrainian military unit does not constitute treason. They don’t seem to mind the fact that some of the personnel switched to Aksyonov’s side as a direct result of the Commander’s actions.

The Commander of the motor battalion did not provide any official explanations to our emissaries.
Photos: coverage of the captured unit in Bakhchisaray

18:00 – Russian Field Hospital Set Up Near Djankoy

According to the reports received by Information Resistance, after capturing some of the territory at Djankoy base (where the Ukrainian air force command center is located), Russian occupants are setting up their field hospital there.

Four Russian MI-24 helicopters have been deployed here as well.

According to preliminary data, “Vostok” battalion is also located here.

20:00 – Inkerman Ammunition Storage Approached by Occupants

Emissaries of Information Resistance in Crimea note a high degree of interest of the Russian militaries towards Ukrainian bases where ammunition and equipment are stored.

According to our live reports, today occupants arrived at the Ukrainian ammunition base in Inkerman (Sevastopol suburb), with insistent offers to “assist in defending” this base from some phantom menace.

Yesterday, a similar incident happened in Chornomorske, where a Ukrainian missile facility is located. The base is currently being “jointly defended” by Ukrainian servicemen and Russian occupants.

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