Andrey Makarevich: Checking for Lice


Andrey Makarevich
March 9, 2014 14:57
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine
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Now, I’m not going to talk about the ugly situation in Crimea. Sooner or later, everything will be alright [there] – I hope so. I am going to talk about something else.

The government has decided to check the people of my country, all of us, to check us for lice. And the authorities can rejoice, since I don’t think they expected this level of success. Everything enters and leaves just great! As if a quarter-century ago had not even happened, where we were given a chance at least to feel like free, independently-thinking people. And with what speed everything returned to the Soviet empire – with all the “unanimously approve,” “angrily condemn,” bringing the troops where deemed necessary and confrontation with the whole human world! Soviet powers always could shit on a man – nothing new here. But the fact that we do not give a damn about ourselves, and that we have not learned anything – it’s awful.

Oh well, we will continue to sit behind this newly built fence in our Middle Ages and keep on puffing out our cheeks, and the citizens of our planet will look at us with fear and hostility again, as if we were unfamiliar creatures. Not the first time it’s happened.

I can’t shake shake off the heavy feeling that I have lived my life in vain.

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