Crimea: Land of Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars

Yaryna Yasynevych
March 1, 2014 Facebook
Translated by Paweł Łapiński
Edited by Voice of Ukraine

Friends, when we write – let the Crimea go [to Russia], maybe we will get it back or maybe we will not – do not think about  Crimea in the context of the access to the sea, the resort or the Russians. Think about the Crimean Tatars. There are two nations in Ukraine that have no other country except Ukraine – the Ukrainians themselves and the Crimean Tatars. They trusted us, and for 22 years they have been living side by side with us. And if the Russians can run from Crimea, the Ukrainians that live there can eventually move into Mykolaiv oblast, and the Crimean Tatars have nowhere to go: they had just returned to Crimea 25 years ago after the brutal deportation. The history has already shown that Crimea under Russian governance is no place for Tatars. Crimea is Ukraine. The Crimean Tatars are the integral part of our people. We cannot allow the war to begin. It is threatening our, Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar land. #euromaidan #maidango #krim

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