Ex-Advisor to Putin – Russia Sent Special Forces to Crimea to Kill RUSSIAN Soldiers

March 3, 2014, 11:54
Source: FaceNews
Andriy Illarionov, former adviser to the Russian President Vladimir Putin, believes that Russian military men were sent to Crimea to die. In an interview with Channel 1+1, Mr. Illarionov said that the Russian president is ready and willing to sacrifice his own soldiers, and Russian citizens currently in Ukraine, to present their deaths as provocations on the part of Ukraine.

“Several groups of Russian special forces are already in Ukraine. Those aren’t just ‘titushkas’ and ‘Russian tourists’ that hang Russian flags on city halls, but special Russian squads, whose task is to open fire and KILL RUSSIAN CITIZENS AND RUSSIAN MILITARY MEN on the territory of Ukraine, to later present those deaths as provocation,” says former adviser to Putin. “That was the tactic of the Russian units in South Osetia, Georgia, when Russians special forces shot Russian officers. The bodies of these officers were then presented as proof of Russian peace-keepers being murdered by Georgians.”

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6 Responses to Ex-Advisor to Putin – Russia Sent Special Forces to Crimea to Kill RUSSIAN Soldiers

  1. Human Relationships says:

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  2. rovitot says:

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    False flag provocation like in 2008?

  3. Jennifer Whorley says:

    To an untrained eye it lools like Putin et al have used the innitial unrest I Kyiv re democracy as a jumping point ti steal real estate and quell the Russia people’s own will to be part of a democratic society with all that entails, human rights, dignified life., etc.

    He is a very dangerous man because he has so much to lose and the peoples of post-Soviet Russia and all former Soviet states have so much to gain.

  4. Andriy says:

    Just like the FSB led bombing of apartments in Moscow that led to the war in Chechnya, just like the the shots fired in Georgia that led to the creation of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Nobody paid attention. They still do not. look out Europe, cutting off the gas to you is next when Putin does not get what h wants.

  5. If I had used lived in Ukraine but Russia attacked Crimea I were instantly killed by the Russians army and people
    for the territory of Crimea no problem,I am Lithuanian.

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