As accusations of “fascism” fly, Churchill’s quote comes to mind…

“The Fascists of the Future Will Be Called Anti-Fascists.” – W. Churchill

For your consideration:


Exhibit A – Fliers Circulated in Sevastopol, 2014:

“To the Warriors of the Ukrainian Navy and the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation! Sailors – Black Sea Farers – Citizens of Sevastopol!

We, residents of the Hero City of Sevastopol, appeal to You, our defenders, our fathers, husbands, brothers, and sons!

The fascist regime that came to power in Ukraine wants to sow discord between the brotherly Ukrainian and Russian nations!

After executing a military bandit coup, nationalists started hunting down officers of Berkut special units [riot police], the warriors that had been defending the country and the people for more than three months! You could be next, because you continue to uphold your military oath and the Constitution! We appeal to you to become the guarantors of stability in our city! Don’t let the fascist scum in! Don’t let them open a rift between the two brotherly nations! Don’t give in to provocations of the neonazis paid off by the USA – keep the PEACE!

Let us show the entire world that we are united and we won’t let the fascists have Crimea and Sevastopol!


Exhibit B. On the Eve of World War II, 1938:

“Over ten million Germans live in two of the States adjoining our frontiers… It is unbearable for a world power to know there are racial comrades at its side who are constantly being afflicted with the severest suffering for their sympathy or unity with the whole nation, its destiny and its Weltanschauung [world view]. To the Interests of the German Reich belong the protection of those German peoples who are not in a position to secure along our frontiers their political and spiritual freedom by their own efforts.”
Adolf Hitler, February 20, 1938
(The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich)

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2 Responses to As accusations of “fascism” fly, Churchill’s quote comes to mind…

  1. tombreyfogle says:

    Reblogged this on OK, Fine. and commented:
    This is a re-blog. Propaganda-type fliers are being circulated in Crimea, Ukraine, calling the protestors “fascist scum.”

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