Members Desert Party of Regions

Euromaidan PR

Verkhovna Rada

Yuriy Blahodyr posted on his FB page: “I have submitted a request to leave the Party of Regions. I regret I did it so late. Kept hoping for something.”


7 Rada MPs Leave Pro-Government Faction: Igor Eremeyev and six other legislators took the side of the people. The MPs promised to use every occasion to oppose any decision which contradicts the will of the Ukrainian people.

The seven MPs, elected by the majority, stated that the government has finally discredited itself and said that every MP should make their choice: whether he or she is with the people or against them.

“We are majoritarian MPs and every one of us had more than 150 thousand voters behind us. Today our voters are among those shedding their blood on Maidan,” says the statement, posted on Igor Ermeyev’s website. The statement maintains that no MP has the right…

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