Cutting the Kremlin dwarf down to size

Euromaidan PR

On February 16, I wrote that Ukrainians would stand their ground and fight for a better future or die in the streets. ( Now, this has become a reality. The inaction of the EU has contributed to the current escalation, and if it is not resolved quickly, the first refugees will soon be knocking on the EU’s door. The sanctions the EU is expected to enact February 20 will almost certainly be too little too late and aimed at too few to make any difference—especially as they are unlikely to include the man most responsible for the civil war in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin.

It’s no coincidence that Russia froze its financial support to the Yanukovych regime on the day the Ukrainian President accepted the resignation of Russophile Premier Mykola Azarov.  And it’s no coincidence that Russia resumed it the day Yanukovych launched a brutal crackdown against Ukrainian civilians…

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