Summary of the day, Feb. 18

война на Майдане


February 19, 2014
Ukraine, 3:30 (Kyiv)

– 11 people were killed by protesters (according to WHO), and 9 according to the information from the medical service of Maidan. MIA reports, in turn, say about 7 dead police.

– 3 corpses in the House of Officers (photo)
– 2 elderly people (male and female) were found dead on the barricade (at the entrance to the Khreschatyk metro station)  (photo)
– 1 man found dead in front of the National Bank (phото)
– 1 protester was found with a severed head near the Verkhovna Rada
– 5 people were killed during the violent confrontation on Independence Square (Maidan Nezalezhnosti)
– 2 dead people were taken to hospital #17
– 7 people were taken to the morgue in Kiev
At least three people died of gunshot wounds from firearms. In the online video posted as on the street “titushki” shot a man. The man died from stomach wounds.

Violent confrontation on Independence began at 20:03. Police used 3 water cannons. Two of them tried to burn the protesters to stop them. Law enforcers (police and army “Berkut”) continue to use weapons and grenades against people on Maidan.

In Kiev, at about 17:00 the subway completely stopped and local authorities reported that it will open only when the confrontation wa over. At the entrances to the city PPC from police armed and do not miss the city drivers, referring to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, which states that “in connection with the riots’ entry into the city after 00:00 is prohibited.

The barricades are on fire, some of the  protesters’ tents were torched with Molotov cocktails thrown by the security forces. Maidan Medical Hospital was evacuated from the House of Trade Unions in Independence Square. After building unions captured “Berkut” inside, the fire started. Burned the building floors with some people inside who crawled out onto the eaves. Activists filmed from below, as they climbed up the outside of the building structure. The building was on fire.

Hospitals in Kiev are filled with wounded, with injuries of varying severity. Local initiatives are helping to coordinate the citizens to send home wounded, search cars, lawyers, protection in hospitals.

The civilian hospitals are just crowded, the main one of which is in St. Michael’s Cathedral. St. Michael’s Cathedral after midnight was attacked by a group of unknowns in the amount of about 300 armed traumatic weapons. These people were shooting at cars of those who brought in the wounded or driving past, crews attacked on the street. According to activists in the hospital at St. Michael’s Cathedral, there are four dead. Including some hospitals are affected and Berkut fighters and bandits attacking people on the streets. They also provide assistance .

In five police stations lawyers are not allowed to see those in custody.

In Lviv , Ternopil and Ivano- Frankivsk ( Western Ukraine ) they have captured the administrative buildings, courts, police stations. In Ternopil, protesters occupied the prosecutor’s office, police station, and set fire to the court. In Rivna, they fired on protesters, law enforcement agencies, and protesters seized the Berkut base and the Office of Internal Affairs. Berkut fighters left the base. The prosecutor’s office in Lviv and seized control of the security services. In Khmelnytsky, they are picketing the management of the SBU. In Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv, the city administration building was captured. In Lutsk, the deputy chief of police signed a statement prepared by activists that the security forces will not use force against the protesters.

More than 30,000 people are on the Maidan. Many are women. In some areas of Kiev where people cannot get on Maidan, they are going into the streets and standing there.

At the moment, the opposition has ceased talking, but each of the parties remained in their positions. Protesters await morning prayers.

Photography –
(Vladislav Sodel, Dmitry Larin)

EuroMaidan Public Sector

Current News out of Ukraine (posted on our page by a follower):

1. Tonight the government made an attempt to take over the Center of Kiev, but faced fierce resistance. So far, they have failed.
2. The protestor’s stage in the center of Kiev has focused on encouragement to stand firm, lots of PRAYERS, singing the Ukrainian national anthem and other national songs. 30,000 people are standing in the center now.
3. The hospitals are full with over 1000 people injured today. Reports of at least 22 dead as well.
4. Negotiations are completely useless at this point.
5. Many buses are coming from all over Ukraine to Kiev to join the protestors. Some discussion on the internet is that the protestors may go on the offensive tomorrow to overthrow the current government.
6. In a few Western regions of Ukraine, the people have already overthrown their state governments if they were loyal to Yanokovych.
7. There is a report that 26 members of the parliament have left Ukraine in a private jet.

KEEP PRAYING! (via Mike Manna).. ‪#‎euromaidan‬


The Ministry of Health reported that as of six o’clock February 19, 2014 for the period from 10:00 on February 18 according to operational information emergency medical teams and health facilities in Kiev medical attention turned 351 injured during clashes in the capital.

According to the managers of health facilities as at six in the morning on February 19, 241 hospitalized party clashes.

25 people died in eight of the hospitals – after hospitalization in urban health facilities (including a journalist of the newspaper “Vesti”), four – MIA in the hospital, 13 dead were taken to Kiev city clinical forensic medical examination.

Among hospitalized in health care:

• law enforcement officers – 79 people;

• Journalists – 5 people;

• MPs – 1 person (Pazenyak VS – for allegedly beaten in the House of Officers);

• Children under 18 years – 3


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