Riots in Downtown Kyiv TODAY, Feb. 18 – Night Events, 22:40 to 23:30

RIOTS IN DOWNTOWN KYIV – ongoing updates.

Earlier today, large groups of Maidan activists walked in a procession to the Verkhovna Rada [Parliament], demanding reinstatement of the 2004 version of the Ukrainian Constitution. The area was surrounded by law enforcement. The situation escalated fast. A dozen people reported dead, hundreds injured. After numerous clashes, the protesters retreated to Maidan [Independence Square], followed by law enforcers.

Starting from 8:30 pm, several attacks have been made on the protesters’ camp, many of the barricades were lost. The protesters are now gathered in the heart of the camp, protecting themselves from further attacks by walls of fire.

The government threatens to treat everyone who does not leave downtown Kyiv by midnight as a terrorist. Access to the city is being restricted. One of the main TV channels covering the protests has been switched off throughout Ukraine.

Earlier updates:

08:55-11:00, 11:06-12:01
12:01-12:45, 12:44-15:50
19:10-20:30, 20:45-22:20

21:52 – Maidan Commandant Andriy Parubiy in Hospital

Ukrayinska Pravda:
Serhiy Pashynsky, MP with the Batkivschyna [Fatherland] party, talked to Ukrayinska Pravda, dispelling false reports of a stroke allegedly suffered by Andriy Parubiy, commandant of the Headquarters of the National Resistance

“I officially state, there is no stroke. He [Andriy] is in a hospital, but no stroke happened,” Pashynsky said, adding that he recently talked to Parubiy on the phone. “His condition is moderate. He’ll return to the ranks tomorrow,” the MP assured.


View from the stage, 22:44

22:40 – ‘The Front Line Is Hell’ – eyewitness report

Yuliya Smyrnova:
The front line is hell. Scores of wounded. We’ve been pushed back from the European Square. We ran into the Trade Union House, together with some medics.

The wounded are being carried out on stretchers. I ran outside, alongside a doctor. Rescuing a concussed man. Then, it’s a blur, the doctors are dragging me to the front line to grab another man… and then I realize he’s dead. Somehow, we dragged him off, then men carried him inside the Trade Union House. We ran to get some drugs. Right now, I have a few small wounds, treating cuts on arms and legs.

No time to write, too much work. I’m fine, myself. Two columns of men and women formed into files and pass cobblestones to the front. An old man is breaking up the pavement, women carry stones to the men.

Just now, a wounded man was carried to an ambulance. I have never seen anything like this before. The barricade from the side of Pushkyn Street was breached. They attack… How can we fight them, we are unarmed… That’s it, I’m panicking now…


Olekansder Aronets:
“Berkut shoots people with ultraviolet [glow in the dark] dye to make them good targets for live ammunition.”

23:36 – Lesya Orobets: “Life Without Dignity is Not Worth Living”

Lesya Orobets, MP:

All around me – fire, explosions, smoke, puddles of blood, cries of the wounded, tolling bells, ice water, shots and explosions, stink of grenades, smell of gasoline, and the overpowering stench of burning rubber. I can’t believe that I am at Maidan, the central square of the city where I’ve lived my whole life.

This is war. Real, cruel, merciless war. Emotionally, I still can’t believe, but my mind is operating quickly and precisely, separately from any emotions. They are trying to destroy us – for our wish to have human dignity and to choose our own lives. I can’t wrap my mind around this. My Ukrainian brothers are being murdered by creatures that aren’t only similar to us biologically, but also carry Ukrainian passports.




23:10 – Trade Union House Evacuated

Doctors are carrying out dozens of wounded, there is talk of perforating gunshot wounds.

Maidan is in flames. Berkut approaches from the side of the European Square. The Trade Union House is evacuated. Ambulances are overwhelmed by the flow of severe injuries.

Censor.NET reports a Facebook post by journalist Oksana Denysova:
“Tents to the right of the Trade Union House are burning… doctors carrying out dozens of wounded… people with grave injuries loaded into ambulances… doctors talk of perforating bullet wounds,” the activist reported.

Meanwhile, flames at Maidan slowly creep closer to the stage. On one side, the tent camp is completely engulfed by fire. The flames keep climbing higher, and thick black smoke rises higher than the buildings in Khreschatyk. At Maidan, there’s little to no visibility because of the smoke.

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Bohdan Kutepov, Hromadske TV:
Titushkas [hired thugs] wearing self-defense uniforms stand by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


Guys at the front line asking the stage to play some good patriotic songs.
“Now they sing patriotic songs, it’s amazing. I love these people. They will win.”

23:23 – Lights shut off in Maidan and nearby streets

More images of current events from livestreams:

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More updates – coming soon…

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