Oleksandr Aronets: Days of decay, or rebirth of the European Union?

Oleksandr Aronets: Days of decay, or rebirth of the European Union?

Source: (Олександр Аронець) https://www.facebook.com/oleksandr.aronets/posts/742964565715668?stream_ref=10

Days of decay, or rebirth of the European Union?

European brothers. This is a cry of despair from the rank and file activist of Maidan, a participant of bloody events at the heart of Ukraine – Kyiv. The EU has not seen rallies of the scale which took place in Kyiv, in support of joining the EU. Pro EU rallies take place now in Ukraine, while the EU had seen numerous protests within to exit the EU.

Common Europeans follow events in Kyiv. They, perhaps, as well as Ukrainians, ask themselves a question: why EU officials express only verbal support to Ukrainians and no actions? They probably harbour questions, that the EU was formed not for the better future for the European nations, but for geopolitical games with other countries? We, Ukrainians, have started falling under this impression… Truly, the destiny of not only Ukraine, but of the whole European Union depends on future actions of EU officials! What would common Europeans think if they see that EU bureaucrats have abandoned Ukraine at the mercy of imperial tyranny of Kremlin and Putin? They may well think that as a result of backstage geopolitics their country might befall the same fate.. The biggest moral default of European Union will be abandoning Ukraine. Therefore, European diplomacy with its values and democracy will become really depreciated.

Hence, personal targeted sanctions against the Yanukovich regime – oligarchs and their families (whose children, cynically, study in EU, not in Russia!), government ministers and parliamentarians loyal to the regime, all responsible for scores of deaths throughout the country is the only way which not just stop the bloodshed in Ukraine, but will save and revive the EU!

With hope for our common victory, Oleksandr Aronets, EuroMaidan activist.


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