Riots in Downtown Kyiv TODAY, Feb. 18 – Evening Events, 20:45 to 22:20

RIOTS IN DOWNTOWN KYIV – ongoing updates.

Earlier today, large groups of Maidan activists walked in a procession to the Verkhovna Rada [Parliament], demanding reinstatement of the 2004 version of the Ukrainian Constitution. The area was surrounded by law enforcement. The situation escalated fast. A dozen people reported dead, hundreds injured. After numerous clashes, the protesters retreated to Maidan [Independence Square], followed by law enforcers.

Starting from 8:30 pm, several attacks have been made on the protesters’ camp, many of the barricades were lost. The protesters are now gathered in the heart of the camp, protecting themselves from further attacks by walls of fire.

The government threatens to treat everyone who does not leave downtown Kyiv by midnight as a terrorist. Access to the city is being restricted. One of the main TV channels covering the protests has been switched off throughout Ukraine.

Earlier updates:

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20:46 – ‘The Police Has Orders to Take the Trade Union House

Svyatoslav Tsegolko:
“There is a court resolution demanding to unblock Khreschatyk and Instytutska Street. The police have orders to take the Trade Union House.”

21:15 – Speech by Yuri Lutsenko

“This is the day when the words of the Ukrainian anthem become reality. From one front line to the other. You can’t defeat Ukraine. No one ever succeeded, and neither will you, Putin’s faithful dogs.”

Earlier today, Lutsenko made an appeal to the security services of Ukraine:
(from Euromaidan PR)
Each one of us has a choice on how to live our life.

Again I appeal to the people in uniform. Stop!

If you enter the territory of the Free Maidan, you accept that choice. Everyone who finds himself on either side of the fence is deciding on a future: either the criminal band, or a free country.

It is time to stop the Ukrainian-Ukrainian war, unleashed by Yanukovych and his bloody henchmen. My son and I stand on the side of the protestors. Those who send you to commit crimes are sitting in their stolen Mercedes, in their airplanes and offices.

We have a common enemy, and this enemy is not the demonstrator. This enemy is Yanukovych and his gang. That gang is robbing you and us. We were the first to shake off the yoke. And you, people in uniform, you have just one step toward your choice.

Stop. Put your shield on the ground. Think about your future. Your wives and children are waiting for you at home — not for some adversary.

My second statement on Maidan: No matter how many of us are here, we remain on the territory of our freedom. In a few hours there will be very many of us. Take all of your heart, your courage and your faith and squeeze them into a fist, then act as you see fit. Those who leave Maidan will not be traitors. Those who stay will be Heroes. Men — show what a free Ukrainian soul, hand and head are capable of.

Slava Ukraini (Glory to Ukraine)!

21:15 – Policeman Rescues Injured Protester from Berkut

Twelve Maidan activists have been brought to the medical post in the Verkhovna Rada [Parliament]. The medics with many decades of work experience were terrified by the type of wounds they sustained.

One of the victims had broken brow ridges. The Berkut officers, while beating him, were talking between themselves, suggesting to ‘take him to the side and finish him’. A police officer(!) overheard that and pulled the guy out of the hands of Berkut.


21:40 – Maidan surrounded by walls of fire. Songs sounding from the stage.

[VIDEO] People are chanting “Kyiv – GET UP!”

22:07 – Berkut halted the attack, holding positions


[Svyatoslav] Vakarchuk’s song sounding from the stage. The world around is all fire and explosions. People are standing. They are true heroes.

Video footage of the destruction of armored vehicle

Watch video here

More images of the current events, directly from livestreams:

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