Riots in Downtown Kyiv Today, Feb. 18 – Afternoon Events 12:44 – 15:50

RIOTS IN DOWNTOWN KYIV – ongoing updates.

Large groups of Maidan activists walked in a procession to the Verkhovna Rada [Parliament], demanding reinstatement of the 2004 version of the Ukrainian Constitution. The area was surrounded by law enforcement. The situation escalated fast.

Right now, clashes continue between protesters and law enforcement, aided by titushkas [hired thugs]. The police used traumatic weapons and stun grenades. As of 15-30, Kyiv time, several protesters are dead, dozens injured. The situation continues to escalate.

Earlier updates:

Events of the Morning 08:55-11:00
Events of the Morning 11:06-12:01
Events of the Afternoon 12:01-12:45

Photographs of today’s afternoon clashes by REUTERS:

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Events of this afternoon (between 12:44 and 15:50):


Channel 5:
Berkut officers throw grenades and shoot at protesters from the roof:


Victoria Syumar:
Fire broke out in the courtyard and inside the office of the Party of Regions in Lypska Street. There are only 50 Berkut officers there, but with rifles; plus 150 titushkas [hired thugs] that are really reluctant to join the fray… Old ladies from the Pechersk [that district of Kyiv] are a support group of Euromaidan, fearlessly throwing themselves at titushki and Berkut. The government does not have too many forces, because there are too many hotspots. Kyivans, we need your help! Men must get over here. It would also make sense to take children home from any nearby schools. Please repost!


The Right Sector:
Titushkas in the Mariyinsky park near the Rada are preparing for battle. You can recognize them by the white and red ribbons on their sleeves.



Lesya Orobets::
VIDEO: Snipers walking to Hrushevskiy Street


Ukrayinska Pravda:
As of 13:20 GMT+2, Berkut has started dispersing protesters on Instytutska St. at the intersection with Shovkovych St. They are shooting at the crowd.

At 13:34 all Berkut forces are being gathered onto Shovkovych St. Before that, people tried to attack the building from whose roof Berkut snipers were shooting. Apart from that, the protesters were pulling out fighters of the internal troops. They were led to Maidan surrounded by the Self-Defense League members. The furious people tried to attack the internal troops, but the Self-Defense members drew them away. The protesters continue to evacuate the injured. There is no ambulance. Victims are carried on stretchers to Maidan, where they will be given medical assistance in Maidan’s field hospitals. People are scattered all along Instytutska St.


ЄвроМайдан – EuroMaydan:
Bats, knives and knuckledusters – that’s already a thing of yesterday. Titushkas around the Arsenal subway station are armed with grenades like this:
[photo credit: EuroMaydan]


Yuliya Smyrnova:
One of the protesters moved the truck that was used to block the intersection of Hrushevskiy Street and Kriposniy Lane.
According to a Ukrayinska Pravda reporter, he climbed into the car, started it and drove off into an unknown direction. Law enforcement officers tried to stop him, ran after the truck and shot at it, but the protester successfully escaped in the truck.

In court and in the Party of Regionals office at Lipsky – there is fire. There’s only 50 Berkut, although with rifles, and 150 “titushky” that do not want to fight very much … Grandmothers from Kyiv’s Pechersk district – are a support group of EuroMaidan who just rush fearlessly at titushky and Berkut. The forces in power because of the many hot spots – no. We Need Help Kyivans! Should catch up to men, and it makes sense to take children out of nearby local schools.

Right Sector: titushky under BP’s Mariyintsi Park, preparing for battle wearing token – white and red ribbons on the sleeve


Ukrayinska Pravda:

The law enforcement forced people away from the Arsenal [subway station], where they have barricaded themselves, to the Ploscha Slavy [Glory Square]. Before that, the people driven from Kriposny Lane, used several buses to barricade themselves around the Arsenal subway station.

Berkut officers were closely followed by titushkas with stones and sticks.
As of 15:10, Berkut forces moved to the Arsenal station, moving from the direction of Salyut hotel.

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Ukrayinska Pravda:
Olha Bohomolets, talking to Ukrayinska Pravda, confirmed that three people already died during clashes with the law enforcement in Kyiv, on Tuesday, 18.02.

“In our medical station in the Officer House, we have three dead, many injured, dozens of them with grave injuries,” Ms. Bohomolets said. She says that these peopled died because they did not receive medical aid in time. “Ambulances aren’t allowed in or out. People die because they can’t get medical attention in time,” she explained.

Ms. Bohomolets says that the deaths were caused by gunshot wounds to the head and the heart.


Evgen Dykyj:
1) Just carried a wounded man myself, saw it with my own eyes – those are gunshot wounds, not rubber bullets.
2) EVERYONE! Drop everything, come to Instytutska Street, from the side of upper exits of Khreschatyk [subway]. We’re doing okay in Kriposniy Lane now, but these bastards came in from the back, gathering forces in Bankova Street. We’re expecting a counter-attack. WE CAN HOLD THIS LINE IF WE HAVE LOTS OF PEOPLE!


Berkut forces falling back:


Berkut advances again.


Barricade at Instytutska Street breached.

Continued here: Events of the Evening – 16:00 to 18:30

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