1621760_1397539683840062_1374477340_nAPPEAL OF “RIGHT SECTOR” TO THE WORLD AND EUROPEAN COMMUNITY.

We, the representatives of the “Right Sector” of Maidan appeal to the world community (UN, USA, EU and individual European countries) with the aim to clarify our position regarding the recent events in Ukraine. The Ukrainian state is undergoing a deep systematic economic, social and political crisis. In the economic and financial sphereS, the country is virtually in a state of default, complicated by an extraordinary aggravation of political confrontation between the people that revolted against total corruption and repressions of Yanukovych’s regime. The country is practically on the edge of internal armed conflict as a result of the government’s actions that are deliberately pushing the country to massive bloodshed and threaten to destabilize not only the former Soviet Union, but also Central and Eastern Europe. We affirm that our activists, like millions of Ukrainians, in November of 2013 came out to take part in peaceful protests against the government (represented by Yanukovych and the Party of Regions) which has immersed itself in corruption in all areas of administrative, political and economical life.

The government that criminally violates the current Constitution and the laws of Ukraine, de facto destroyed all democratic institutions, the independence of judicial branch of government, and openly embarked on the usurpation of power. The democratic principles, the right to elect and to be elected, freedom of speech and press are profaned in Ukraine. As of now, many political activists and prisoners of conscience remain in jail. The dictatorship of a single party that is represented by mafia clans has been built, and in fact has all the signs of organised crime led by the tyranny of one person – Viktor Yanukovych. As a result, the regime brutally suppressed numerous peaceful actions of its own citizens who rightfully demanded the restoration of the country’s rule of law, fair elections, complete cessation of corruption and poverty, government accountability and the guarantee of their legitimate rights.

Numerous activists, politicians, human rights activists have suffered arrests and imprisonment. In November and December of 2013 and January of 2014, Yanukovych’s regime finally crossed the limit, not only of the law but also of a common sense. The whole world witnessed the massacre of tyranny and terror against civilians. Considering the actions of terror executed by the government, and abortive attempts of the political opposition to terminate this uncontrolled violence through negotiations, patriotic organisations and parties were forced to unite into a revolutionary movement – “Right Sector” – to organise themselves and to protect the civil liberties of Ukrainians in the face of the threat of mass terror, kidnapping and torture of innocent people, arbitrary arrests and imprisonments carried out by paid special forces: “Berkut,” “Griffon,” and others. In addition, the government has fallen so low as to hire gangster bands (called “Titushkas”). The country and capital of Ukraine were thrown to the mercy of tyranny, terror and lawlessness! Thus, guided by Chapter 5 of the Constitution of Ukraine, which was blatantly abused by Yanukovych’s tyranny, active citizens united into the “Right Sector” of Maidan, showing resistance to the punitive squads of the regime.

According to the Constitution, “The people are the bearers of sovereignty and the only source of power in Ukraine” and “The right to determine and to change the constitutional order in Ukraine belongs exclusively to the people and shall not be usurped by the State, its bodies or officials.” The Fundamental Law of Ukraine clearly states: “No one shall usurp state power.”

Thereby, the actions of the “Right Sector” in January of 2014 were due not only to a vital necessity, a sense of dignity and self-preservation, but a constitutional principle. In addition, they also conform to a number of international and European declarations and charters including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and resolution 217 (A) of the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted on December 10, 1948 which says: “Whereas it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law.” In response, the regime resorted to war against its own people. In the midst of winter, at -15 °C, water cannons were used against civilians. This was done in spite of decree № 49 of February 27, 1991: “On the rules for application of special means for the protection of civil order,” the water cannon can not be used at a temperature lower than 0 °C. “Berkut” special units were not only using stun grenades with several violations of the rules of their usage, but also rubber bullets and later live ammunition, shooting protesters in cold blood. The outrage has reached unprecedented cruelty, when people lying on the ground, were brutally beaten (including Red Cross doctors). When the protesters were kidnapped and tortured, seized as hostages, their property destroyed and so on. When special units started to kill people! These are the unprecedented signs of tyranny, terror and permanent genocide in a country, which is located in the heart of Europe! Thereby, all the accusations of the “Right Sector” regarding extremism and provocation are totally unfounded. However, we declare that we are ready to defend a guarantee of democracy and the right of the people to choose. At the same time, we understand the danger of state involvement in civil war and thus we declare our readiness to find ways to resolve the situation that has arisen.

As the initial stage of negotiations to resolve the confrontation, and taking into account the perverse criminal regime, its policy of lies, intimidation and terror, we insist on:
1. Unconditional release of all hostages. The “Right Sector” is ready to enter into negotiations regarding the fulfillment of obligations and development of guarantees from both sides, as the regime is constantly delaying in solving this problem and is trying to deceive people again, and as there are no guarantees the criminal charges will be cancelled after a temporary exemption of the hostages.

2. We insist on the resignation of Viktor Yanukovych and the appointment of a presidential election date.

3. We demand an immediate appointment of a Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and Kyiv City Council election date. “Right Sector” is ready to engage in the country’s political process, expressing a common position between patriotic and national-conservative parties and organizations. To confirm this, we bring the attention of the people and the international community to the fact that the “Right Sector” has formed the Political Council, the members of which are willing to find common ground with the United Opposition. We believe that the democratic parliamentary opposition, both in terms of unity of the opposition forces, the role of “Right Sector” in revolutionary events and in view of the political and moral responsibility to the people and history, is obliged to start the consultations with the political Council of “Right Sector” on the participation of its representatives in the general political process to resolve confrontation in our country.

With this appeal to the world community (UN, EU, OSCE, the governments of European countries, and USA) the “Right Sector” is showing its readiness to directly inform your representatives about its vision of the situation in the country and ways to resolve it, expresses its political and ideological principles, dispels unfounded accusations of extremism and alleged terrorist orientation of the member organizations of the “Right Sector,” and highlights its position on Yanukovich and the regime he represents.

February 12, 2014. Kyiv
The Political Council of the “Right Sector”

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