Ukrainian painter: Civilised world stays silent while democracy being destroyed

Euromaidan PR


Ukrainian painter Boris Yeghiazaryan: “The civilized world is constantly delaying its response, thus, enabling the Ukrainian authorities to organize the third round of bestial atrocities in Ukraine by the scenario of Kremlin puppeteers”

Our reality is dramatic. I wake up every morning with the feeling that something irretrievable happened yesterday. I bear Serhiy Nigoyan and our other guys in mind every second. In their fight for European values, the Ukrainians rushed into the breach, and in this difficult times we have the right to count on the support of the countries that have proclaimed those values long time ago. After all, these states are our partners from the standpoint of the very idea of Maidan! The primordial concept of Maidan was the European integration, subsequently, it transformed into struggle to oust the criminal and corrupt authorities of Ukraine from power, as it became clear that no еurointegration would ever be possible…

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