Maidan Self-Defense to create a “unified revolutionary army” across Ukraine

February 7, 2014

Translated by Olia Knight


The Council of Maidan Self-Defense units has approved a decision to create and expand the All-Ukrainian Self-Defense group across Ukraine. The newly-founded structure is a non-party movement that will be coordinated by the National Resistance Headquarters in Kyiv, announced Andriy Parubiy, the Maidan commandant and Batkivshchyna faction MP.

According to Parubiy, the main tasks of the All-Ukrainian Self-Defense are coordination, mobilization in Kyiv where needed, as well as protection of activists on the ground.

“We see the need for our units to grow from 10,000-15,000 people to 30,000-40,000 people who could come to Kyiv and actively counteract the ruling regime. That is why within days from today, our self-defense unit commanders will come to Ukraine’s regions to coordinate the actions of all subdivisions and units of self-defense already in place. They will also form self-defense units in regions where they have not been organized. We go to the barricades because Maidan represents all of Ukraine,” he said.

Regional units (each consisting of 80 to 150 people) will provide the principal foundation of self-defense. Regional self-defense headquarters represented by a commander, a deputy commander, and an executive committee will coordinate their activity.

“Self-defense is going on the offensive. Starting today, the self-defense is the resistance. We are preparing a plan for non-violent, but very active resistance. We will show our resistance in places of corruption, we will practice actionable lustration, and we will conduct our informational warfare. We will have our own acting revolutionary army. As of today, every fighter of self-defense is not just a guard, but a revolutionary political soldier,” added Andriy Levus, a deputy commandant of Self-Defense.

Currently, Self-Defense units have 12,000 volunteers. On Thursday, February 6, Maidan Self-Defense units marched around the government quarter. They called it a warning action.


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