Daniel M. Porcedda: A blindfold and counterproductive statement by EU-representatives

Daniel M. Porcedda: A blindfold and counterproductive statement by EU-representatives

Source: https://www.facebook.com/daniel.m.porcedda/posts/10202599196396398?stream_ref=10

What Fuele says in fact is: No (or only little) support from EU for Euromadain.

Now he found a good reason to step back from helping the democratic development in Ukraine which citizen fight for from November last year on.

Radical elements … what a nice definition. Is Fuele able to explain what and who are those radical elements? Does he mean maybe the Svoboda party? Than he has to say it clearly. But is each sympathiser of Svoboda per se a radical element? Is everyone who throws Molotov cocktails on Berkut a radical element? Is everyone staying peacefully in the crowd on Maidan not a radical element?

Does now anyone in the crowd be suspicious of his neighbour? Maybe he or she is a radical element?

“The de-escalation and stabilization of the situation is now the main priority,” Fuele said. If this is so, why the attempt to divide the protesters into radical and non-radical elements? A task which neither the opposition nor Euromaidan can fulfil. Should now everybody participating in the demonstrations be submitted to an exam to evaluate what is his or her attitude or disposition? And what about all the people who are acting through social medias or other platforms?

It is this kind of blindfold statements by EU-representatives which frustrate so many people in Ukraine. It is not only frustrating, it is counterproductive.

Moreover it reveals that “our” EU-representants are very badly informed about what is the real situation, what are the social aspects involved, how people in Ukraine faced chicanery and repressions in their daily lifes … especially since 2010.


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