Ultras fans from all over Europe REACT TO DEVELOPMENTS IN UKRAINE!

Polish and British “Ultras” coming to support their friends from Kharkov. This is friendship! Great power! The victory is close, brothers and sister! Together we’re strong!

25 January 2014 15:50 | | EDITOR intv.ua
Translated by Paweł Łapiński

Source: http://lenta-ua.net/novosti/politika/44977-neozhidannaya-reakciya-ultras-so-vsey-evropy-na-sobytiya-v-ukraine.html

The aggressive actions of the authorities taken against activists, in particular with respect to football “Ultras” fans, who have announced their support for Euromaidan, caused unexpected reaction from football fans all over Europe.

It was previously reported that hundreds of football fans from foggy Albion are gathering in Kiev.

From informal sources, we learned that the yesterday, protests in front of the Republic of Poland Consulate office in Kharkov was the straw for Ultras of the Lech football club from Poznan [Poland].

The form of this international protest cooperation has surprised government authorities, especially the local Kharkov authorities.

Supporters of the Lech fan club, with their community funds and the help of the British hooligans, have already rented a military transport plane that should get them to the military airport in the city of Chuguyev, at the suburbs of Kharkov.

At the same time, to ensure their safety and smooth landing and crossing, Polish ultras in the city of Kiev at 13.00 sent about two hundred fully manned members of Automaidan.

They expect to arrive at the airport at approximately 19.00 on Saturday and take control of the airport traffic control tower.

Subsequent joint actions of the Polish Ultras and Automaidan are planned both in Kharkov and in the capital.

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 7.55.32 AM

This is the current updated map of who controls local state administrations after 3 days of civilians having enough and storming them, in english on the bottom translations. Important to note are the yellow cirlces – these are areas where Ultras football fans are actively supporting Euromaidan:



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