Dnipropetrovsk eye-witness: hundreds of #Euromaidan activists storm Dnipropetrivsk govt HQ in eastern Ukraine, clash with police & their titushkas

Today’s events in Dnipropetrovsk – eyewitness accounts (warning – strong language):

Source: http://sparrow-hawk.livejournal.com/2396142.html

About today.

Today, everyone in the Dnipropetrovsk region saw it perfectly clearly – we have no legitimate government, we only have a gang of criminals that will stop at nothing to keep their offices.

The police worked together with the titushky (for those who don’t know the word – these are small-time thugs hired by the Party of Regions to do their dirty work).

Let me say that again – the police worked together with the titushky.

Behind the rows of riot police in full gear (shields, truncheons and helmets), there was a crowd of youths in plain clothes (often tracksuits), with faces covered, wearing armbands (someone said – just like the Polizei next to the SS, during the war), armed with wooden and metal bats.

They worked like this – the police move apart, the titushky run out, start hitting people, the people start fighting back, the titushky retreat behind the policemen’s backs, and the policemen protect them from the people.

Let me say that one more time, just to make sure everyone understands this – the police is working together with criminals, covering for them and protecting them from the people.

Titushky hit hard, they pull no punches and don’t care who’s in front of them – an old lady, an old man, a young girl, they don’t give a damn. They just hit, without mercy. It’s terrifying. They don’t just hit the protesters. They beat anyone they can get their hands on, even passers-by who were unlucky to be nearby.

What’s it to them? They’re bandits. They have no orders to stop them from violence. Their faces are covered. They feel all-powerful and untouchable, protected and endorsed by the pigs (I can’t call these people ‘policemen’ anymore. After today’s disgraceful display, if there are any honest people left in our regional police department, they’d better resign now. Today, it will count. Later will be too late.)

It’s a strange and primal feeling, when a crowd of people is running at you – to kill you. Even if you yourself stand shoulder to shoulder with other strong guys. You stand there, and you know that there are women and old people behind you. You know that if you’re not here, the scum in front of you will beat innocent people to death.

We stand. Behind us, the citizens and Dnepr [Dnepropetrovsk]. Behind the titushky – no one, just a row of pigs and offices of the city administration where they were given money and sticks.

It’s scary to face people with sticks when you’re empty-handed. I wished I had brought my own bat and my balaclava. Won’t be making that mistake again. At first, almost everyone was empty-handed – come on, we were going to a peaceful protest. So people grabbed those sticks, that broke after the first hit; people grabbed stones from the ground; they wrestled bats and truncheons from the titushky and the police; they even wrestled shields and helmets from Berkuts, empty-handed. I bow to you, guys, I thank you from the bottom of my heart – there’s no doubt you saved some lives tonight.

Another thing I want to say about today – it brought lots of things to light.

Everyone knew that it was going to be big on Sunday – a large meeting in the park, and then a picket outside the regional administration.

And those who didn’t know couldn’t have missed the desperate updates and tweets when the carnage started.

I’m talking to you, guys.

Those who picked this day to leave the city.

Those who ‘just couldn’t make it’.

Those who quietly sat in their warm apartments, providing such fucking invaluable support by pressing ‘Like’.

I don’t give a fuck if you get offended. Not a single fuck. Unfriend me if you want to. I said it all to you – you with your super-busy Sundays who didn’t make it to the square.

Now you can make up for this by your actions, not words. Think for yourself. Each of you answers to your own conscience.

A test is a test for everyone, like a good old movie said.

I’d like to say that I admire the courage of our girls. You’re above and beyond lots of men I know.

I want to give my respect to the Dnepr Ultras [football fans]. If it weren’t for you guys, they would’ve crushed us today. I’m not that fond of football, but if that’s the spirit it brings to Ukraine, we need more of this game.

Playtime’s over. You can’t believe these bastards. You can’t let these bastards take you – or there’s a real chance you’ll end up not in a cell, but in a forest, a frozen tortured corpse. You can’t face these bastards unarmed.

Today, captured policemen were let loose. One got knocked out and was taken to an ambulance. Soon, people will start tearing them to pieces.

We have to organize ourselves.

We have to make sure we have at least one deputy from the opposition, at least one – a million-plus city where such shit’s happening needs one!

Guys, especially Ultras, from other cities – we need strong manpower to get Dnepr moving.

We can’t be scared of these bastards. Today showed that they’re at the end of their rope, they’re playing the smallest filthiest cards they’ve got left.

Today, it was all there. Boys and girls. Beatings. Water cannons at -15. Smug faces of policemen covering thugs. But what wasn’t there was their victory.

Dnepr saw. Dnepr understood. Dnepr got mad.

I know that Ultras will hunt the titushky down. There’s only a few hundred of that scum. They got the wrong shore, they forgot that Dnepr is a big village. Everyone knows everyone here. Sooner or later, all comes to light. War has been declared.

That’s the story. Whoever’s wondering about me – I’m fine. Got a few lungfuls, got some frost – but things got hot often enough to stay warm. Caught a small hit on the side – nothing big. Pulled a shoulder flinging a rock – a proletariat’s weapon, hah. Found the mark, actually – left that scumbag a nice souvenir.

PHOTOS: http://www.dnepr.com/14703-v-dnepropetrovske-shturmovali-oga-foto.html – here’s some info from a very brave journalist who was there today. She’s a truly fearless girl.

I walked through the downtown, and a street with regular passers-by looked surreal, after all the shouts, the fire, the smoke, the gas, the blood.

But if you think it won’t touch you, you’re mistaken. You can’t sit this one own. The bandits are starting to enjoy themselves. Think on this. Think on this hard.

I walked past the Passage. The giant screen was showing Channel 5.

All will be well. We will prevail.

Dnipropetrovsk, clashes with police

Dnipropetrovsk, clashes with police

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