Lutsenko: If Rada doesn’t support the opposition on January 28, Maidan will come closer

Monday, January 27, 2014, 00:34

If the Verkhovna Rada does not support the plan and demands of the opposition, the cordon of Euromaidan “will come closer” to Parliament.

The ex-Head of MIA, Yuriy Lutsenko stated this during a meeting with activists at the barricades on Hrushevskoho St., according to the press service the “Third Republic”.

In his opinion, there is a parliamentarian way of overcoming the present deep political crisis.

“Ukraine is slipping away from Yanukovych. The developments in the regions clearly demonstrate that, since not only the West and the Centre of Ukraine rose against his power, but also the South and the East. And today the police forces aren’t anything like they used to be,” noted Lutsenko.

Under these circumstances, street pressure on the government shall be increased.

“We have already proposed to the Verkhovna Rada that will gather on January 28 a clear agenda: amnesty to all hostages of the regime – more than 300 persons; dismissal of more than 1500 criminal cases against the activists; absolute abrogation of the laws “passed” on January 16; return to the Constitution of 2004, in line with which the presidential elections shall be held this year, and the presidential election campaign shall start in April; full resignation of the government and appointment of the new government,” stated Lutsenko. 

“This plan is one of the ways of achieving a reasonable result,” mentioned Lutsenko.

“If the Verkhovna Rada supports this plan, we may relieve the tension and leave only the flag-bearers on the barricades. If the Verkhovna Rada does not harken to it, we will come closer,” claimed Lutsenko.

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