Clear signs of Russian FSB (Federal Security Bureau) protest suppression in Ukraine

By Alexei Arestovich, for ARGUMENT
ПТ, 2014-01-24 08:49
Translated by Olesia Kis

Alexei Arestovich

Alexei Arestovich

  • Russian chekists have taken over control of current situation in Ukraine, said Aleksey Arestovitch, military expert, in his interview with ZIK.

    The murdering of Maidan activist Yuriy Verbitsky, whose dead body was found in the forest not far from Kyiv with his head taped, shows the same signs as the bodies of Caucasian rebels during operations carried out by liquidation squadrons of the Russian Federal Security Service (Russian – FSB). Moreover, the kidnapping of another activist Igor Lutsenko, who was taken away from hospital by unknown civilians, tortured and then left in the frozen forest, is a clear proof of an organized kidnapping scheme by the secret agencies.

    Victims report very professional tortures, a distorted understanding of the current political situation, attempts to pump out the (Maidan-related) information, and the Russian dialect in language. All these and many other proofs, mentioned by the expert, support the belief that a well-organized net of Russian special agency professionals have been operating in Ukraine. The expert is sure – they are implementing a Russia-supported scenario of protest suppression. And this is the very reason for the continued  murdering and kidnapping of people.


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7 Responses to Clear signs of Russian FSB (Federal Security Bureau) protest suppression in Ukraine

  1. And the Ukrainan Police doesn’t have any Problem with this? And Special Police? They like that? And the Army?

    • Edvard Amerikanskiy says:

      Control of the Army is the key. Yanukovych changed Generals, but what of the Colonels? They control the troops.

  2. Please send informations Facebook: Représentation Centrale des Ukrainiens-nes en Suisse
    And Nelson Serathiuk

  3. Pavlo says:

    In the light of current events, how can average Russian live with him /herself. They should be first to protest against Putin’s wants.

  4. Max Morgan says:

    The Russian will never ever let go of Ukraine, trust Ukrainian know how the Russian think and the Russian war culture. Look at Belarus, make a best deal for yourself and if you resist them, Ukraine can look at Syria as sample.

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