YURIY LUTSENKO’s immediate appeal to all Ukrainians

Once again about the main thing…

Currently in Kyiv, fate is being decided – not of Yanuchovych’s absurd laws on helmets or masks. Soon in the capital we’ll decide if we will have a free Ukraine.

Yanukovych understands only the language of force. Opposition leaders will be able to achieve the requirements of Maidan only if, on Monday, and Tuesday, and Wednesday, in the center of the Ukrainian capital, hundreds of thousands of people will arrive. Then the politicians will be just executing your will to restart the country. Then from Yanukovych can they require radical changes, and won’t accept taking part in replacing Azarov with Arbuzov.

That’s why on these days on Maidan there must be the maximum number of people.


Men Kiss your wives and children – and go onto the Square!

And don’t just ride. Come in cars, buses, tractors and trucks. This will help keep the krovosìsìv [another “bimba” word from Azirov, meaning roughly: “bloody vampirical boobs”] and their fascist squads under siege without unnecessary victims on the side of peaceful protestors.

STUDENTS, put down your books and computers – get on the Square! In these days, in which you will gain a European future, you will tell your children about it with pride!

ENTREPRENEURS, this is a revolution of the middle class against the gangsters. Help the square in any way you can. Food, medicine, machinery, personal participation – all to help fight for the right to be successful without paying the gluttonous “family” shady accountant.

DEPUTIES, announce that the Party of Regions and Communist Party are outside the law, and start work as the Ukrainian Parliament. Society expects from you a new interim Government, fresh elections under a new law with a new Central Election Commission.

Ukrainians, right now, in Kyiv, lies the fate of our nation.

The choice is simple – either the historical reconstruction of a Soviet barrack,
or breakthrough to Europe.

Time tries us, our faith, our dignity, our strength of spirit.

Everyone onto the Square!

Everyone onto Maidan!

Source: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=718657861478079&id=635416686497814

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