#Maidan Diary: On January 16th the constitutional order in Ukraine was completely liquidated…

By Daniel Janevski
Status Update, 01.18. 2014
Source: https://www.facebook.com/EuroMaydanTranslations/posts/10152146328515801


On January 16th the constitutional order (in Ukraine) was completely liquidated.
On January 16th in the state of Ukraine, legitimated by the referendum of December 1, 1991, all of our rights, including the right to life, private property, freedom of choice, freedom of speech were cancelled.

As of January 16th we have no state, so there is no legitimate government.
The question is clear: either with the people or with the men who put themselves outside the law.
Any implementation of the “laws” adopted January 16 is a crime against humanity.

“In order to restore on the territory of the city of Kyiv the constitutional legal order and justice that were completely abolished by unlawful decisions of some deputies of the former Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine:

1. We are free citizens who gathered on Independence Square in Kyiv on January 19, 2014 announce that the authorities formed after 2010 to be illegal and illegitimate.

2. We declare the new state of Ukraine, whose Constitution is based on the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen will be adopted by the Constituent Assembly convened in Kyiv on March 1, 2014

3. The Constituent Assembly (based on proportional quota) consists of members of the former Verkhovna Rada who did not support the so-called “laws” of January 16, members of Oblast councils, representatives of NGOs of the Maidan and All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations. Set the term of work of the Constituent Assembly to be one month.

4. Recognize the right of the citizens of the former state of Ukraine, who are represented in the former Verkhovna Rada by deputies of the Party of Regions and their satellites, to create their own state with no underlying, fundamental human and citizen rights

5. Select Vitali Klitschko as the most popular candidate to be interim acting mayor of Kiev. Subordinate to him all bodies of military and civil administration located in the city

6. Appoint Gennadiy Moskal as the head of Kyiv police

7. Appoint General Gennady Vorobyov as the commander of Kiev military garrison

8. Appoint Sergey Holovaty as the Prosecutor of Kyiv

9. Appoint Ihor Koliushko, director of the Center for Political and Legal Reforms, as the head of the working group to draft a new constitution for Ukraine, entrust him with formation of personal membership of the group and submission of a draft of the Constitution to the Constituent Assembly

10. Elect immediately a new Kyiv city council and district council in Kyiv

11. Invalidate any laws or resolutions made by any former state officials of Ukraine in Kyiv

12. Remind all the officials who took an oath of allegiance to the people of Ukraine sacred duty to adhere to this oath

13. Declare the criminal group, the Communist Party of Ukraine, illegal and ban its existence.

14. Dissolve all of the so-called Party of Regions, which operate in the city and turn their property over to the Kyiv City community.

15. To ensure the preservation of all political and property rights of all, without exception, former public and political figures of the former state of Ukraine, who will pledge to be with the people.
Or become slaves to the Reichkomissariat “Donetsk”, beholden to the whims of criminal gangs – or finally become free, dignified and responsible.

Do not be afraid!

Long live free, democratic, European Ukraine!”

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